How to respond to how’s it going?

How to respond to how's it going

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It is widespread to greet someone with ‘How are You or How’s it going?’ And most times, we only answer with ‘Fine, what about you?’ or ‘Feeling good, you say’ or ‘Nothing much, What about you?’

But don’t you think the answers to ‘How’s it going’ have become limited, and we answer the same response in every kind of conversation?

We use the same response whether the question, ‘How’s going?” is asked by our teacher, boss, relative, friend, or colleague. Also, we do not give a real response to the question, even if we are feeling bad or having any issues. 

So, how to respond to how’s it going? What can be the different responses to the question according to a person or situation? 

Let’s get the answers to the above questions!

How to respond to how’s it going?

Typically we respond with “Fine, how about you?” but that can not be the answer in every situation and with every person. You have to change the responses.

So here are the responses you can give according to the situation and the person, asking you ‘How’s it going?’

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How to respond to how’s it going according to the situation?

The various responses to the above questions according to different situations can be –

In a Formal Situation 

Normally, in a formal situation, you can answer with-

  • I’m well; thank you.
  • Everything is good; what about you? (politely and formally)
  • Very well, thanks!
  • All right, how about you?

In an Informal Situation

 In an informal situation, you can answer honestly and what’s really on your mind. Or you can even answer with some humor. The responses can be- 

  • So far, so good, but I have learned to reserve my final judgment until my head hits the pillow. (sarcastic way)
  • Not bad, but the day is young.
  • Not fine, bro, just having a rough day.
  • It could be worse! (sarcastic way)
  • It’s going like yesterday! ( sarcastic way)
  • Feeling great, will indeed work a bit more than yesterday, what about you?

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How to respond to how’s it going to different people?

You know how to answer the question in formal and informal situations, but what about responding to different people? Here are the responses you can give to different people-

Responding to ‘how’s it going’ to your boss

  • Everything is fine, sir, what about you?
  • Great day, doing my work, sir, what about you? (in a polite way)
  • Well sir, how about you?
  • It’s going pretty well. Yourself?
  • Another day, another dollar, sir! (in an informal way)

Responding to your teacher  

  • Fine teacher, how about you?
  • Good, just doing homework; thank you for asking.
  • Working on project teacher, and you?
  • Everything going great, and you, teacher?

Responding to ‘how’s it going’ to a classmate  

  • Great, how about you!
  • Just having a rough day, mate, and you? 
  • Working on some stuff and yourself?
  • Not much, how about you?

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Responding to a friend/best friend

  •  So far today, it seems I’m coming out even. If I break even at the end of the day, I see it as a win for me, only because I didn’t lose anything.
  • Just going through some hard stuff, and you?
  • Like it was going yesterday. (Sarcastically)
  • Will tell you when I hit the bed. ( sarcastically)
  • Things have been better; today’s not great, and how about you?

Responding to ‘how’s it going’ to your crush

You should try to keep the conversation going if your crush or person you like asks you the question. Also, try to show your interest through your answer!

  • Having a good time. I think we could go on drinks or coffee sometime?
  • Working on my project, what’s the status of yours?
  • Everything is going well except that I’m single. ( sarcastic way)
  • Good, are you free in the evening? Can we go for a coffee?
  • Fine, how’s, have you been?

Responding to your officemate/colleague

  • Another day, another dollar, mate!
  • Great, doing my work, and you?
  • Hustling. What about you?
  • Smooth like butter, how about you? 

Responding to ‘how’s it going’ to your relative or parents

  • Just doing fine, how about you?
  • Great and you?
  • Just having some bad time, and how’re things with you?

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Responding to an old age person

  • Good, thank you for asking. How’s your health?
  • Having a good time, what about you?

Bottom Line

In the majority of cases, when people ask, “How’s it going?” they are simply greeting you. So try to keep your answer short. However, it does not mean you will respond with the same answer every time. You can use from above responses or make your own. 

Make feel the other person that you are really answering with your heart!

Now do us a favor, tell us in the comments, what you think of our article, ‘How to respond to how’s it going?’

Thank you for reading!

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