How to Make a Man Cry in Bedroom?

How to Make a Man Cry in Bedroom

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Did you ask how to make a man cry in bedroom? Yeah, you can make your man cry in bed, not easily but indeed. And here is a secret for you all; you don’t need to do things like BDSM. Some flirting and some talent. Pleasure is not always sexual but sometimes intense love and mental. Suppose you are a woman who wants their man to cry in bed, then read this till the end. Then, we, at PersuadeEd, will tell you some dirty secrets which will be helpful for you to make a man cry on the bed:

Little Spicy Something to Eat

Well, everyone expects that they will get enough food when they reach home. But you have to be careful this time. The 1st prank will make a man cry. So you serve him very little for dinner. Or you could do something like extra spicy food, especially for your man. Even if he loves spicy food, he will cry after eating such food.

Write a Breakup Letter or a Kind of Old Hidden Love Letter

Well, you have a choice here: if you want to write a letter for yourself or your husband. If you hide those letters as yourself, it will help to spice up the prank more. It’s like you are still having an affair. Any man would not accept a woman who had a boyfriend. So, write a letter and hide that somewhere in the bedroom where he could find it. You could record the moment with hidden cameras.

Disorder Your Room Completely

Yeah, every man loves being disorganized, but what if a woman does the same. Will they love them. No, they would be crying, seeing their things disorganized. So, 3rd prank in the bedroom could be a disorder in your room.

Rip of His Favorite Clothes

Suppose you have searched for how to make a man cry in bedroom. Then here is a funny prank to make him cry. Took his favorite jeans and made it ripped jeans of a famous pop star. When he is going to see this, he would be going to cry for that.

Wash All His Clothes From the Wardrobe

Don’t leave single underwear dry in the wardrobe this night. And make sure he is unaware of this thing until he takes a bath. So, what if he would not find a single cloth in the wardrobe. Make spare clothes for him specially. Until he begs you for that clothes, don’t give. Let him cry and bow down to the queen.

Wake Him up in the Middle of the Night

You need to wake him up intentionally when he is sleeping. You could make a scene like you are afraid to go out of the room for any reason. Or someone was on the window looking in. There is knocking on the main door. So, once he wakes you, he will be crying after knowing you were pranking in the middle of the night.

Eating Chocolate is Good for Health

Does your man like eating chocolate balls? Even if he doesn’t like to, make him eat with your hands. But wait, here is a twist. Have you ever seen cotton balls dipped in Chocolate? If not, make it now. And serve late in the night, your man must be crying. And teeth would be stuck in cotton balls. If you don’t have cotton balls at home, you could use Oreo Biscuits made with white toothpaste cream.

Use Blindfold to Discover his Dirty Side

On the one hand, blindfolds make a man more intense. On the other hand, you can surprise him with the things he is dreaming about. What’s latest now is a VR headset in place of blindfolds. But if you can’t afford a VR headset, you can also play some intense music or voices in headphones. This will be ice a glass moment. Moreover, if you have closed his ears and eyes, he could only rely on his touch senses. Make something special for him is your task now. Maybe this is the only thing that could help you find out how to make a man cry in the bedroom.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Your man is not going somewhere. And you are not doing anything wrong. If you or your partner has some kind of phone pressure, then make sure both the phones are silent or in airplane mode. Just feel the moment and stay relaxed. If you are making things quickly, then both you and your partner will not enjoy the moment. So, if you want to make your man cry in bedroom, then this is the tip you should always follow until you or your man has some kind of emergency.

Look for What is his Sensitive Moments

Suppose you are searching for how to make a man cry in bedroom. And read multiple articles on that still not find a single way to make him cry. Then this is the last tip from us. Every man had a different heart and mindset. For someone, intense is the only thing that can make a man cry in bedroom. And for someone, there are small things like shoulder massage that could be a pleasure moment.

Final Wording from Author

With this, it is the end of how to make a man cry in bedroom. If you like this, then share it with your girls on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. For any suggestions on the topic, you could simply comment below the page. If you have any questions for your life, like above, you could message us on our Instagram page. We will soon be here with a new article. Till then, keep reading and loving!!

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