How to Know If a Married Woman Likes You More Than a Friend

How to Know If a Married Woman Likes You More Than a Friend

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When we read questions from you guys, some of them were obvious, but others were interesting to search and answer. Today’s question for the article is “How to know if a married woman likes you more than a friend?”. First, everyone would think, why would a married woman likes a guy. Is this question is just for fun? Not exactly right! Guys do face this situation when a married woman wants guys more than a friend. 

It’s a big deal to like a guy for a married woman. When this happens, all the bars settled by the society vapor easily from the middle. If you are in a conflict between your mind and heart and have many questions to ask, then read till the end, and all your doubts will be cleared step by step. And reaching till the future, we will be telling you how to handle this situation if you are stuck between.

3 Signs a Married Woman Likes You More Than a Friend

A coworker, an old lover, the wife of a buddy, a friend – married women may be an infinite part of your social life or even your inner circle. Sometimes you strike it and get comfort and connection.

Do you get a feeling from her that she may desire anything else? Maybe you are also thrilled to have her around. She’s lovely, calm and you couldn’t forget how she laughs. And you may have noticed her blushing while you’re near. Can it imply this married woman crushes you?

But then you know, “She’s married.” She’s had a guy at her side, but you sense she’s gravitating to you. Maybe it’s your fascination or maybe how it is. You wondered why a married lady loves another man? Do not simply throw this sensation away that you like a married lady more than a friend.

  1. Trying to Spend More Time with You

When a married woman likes you, she will be very close to you. If she is doing the job, she would ask you to drop her office or call you to pick her up. Sometimes she would say to go for eating out after office timing. A married woman will try to flirt with you for no reason. 

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  1. Change in Behaviour for multiple reasons.

 When a married woman sees you talking with someone else, then she can get jealous for no reason. She can tease you for talking with another female of your age. If she finds you are chatting or calling someone late at night, she could be jealous. 

She would nicely dress up for meeting you even if you are going nowhere from your home or just a casual meeting. Married women care how your house looks, your room is smelling bad, or you haven’t changed the bedsheet. When she likes you, you will find that she cares for you like her own child.

  1. Sharing happiness and sorrows from both’s life

A married woman who likes you would ask a lot of questions from you and try to give you knowledge of her married life. For example, suddenly, she asked you about your family, your childhood, your hobbies, likes, dislikes, how to spend your free time, your past relationships, and plans for the future. 

Now, she could give you a hint about her married life problems also. She is starting with Good morning to Good night—also, some of the #Deleted_message saying by mistake. But in reality, they could be double-meaning jokes or some naughty pictures.  

Final Wording from Author

Some people make it fast to say that the married woman likes them. But wait and check if you have enough hints to say this. For example, maybe she is just talking to you as a colleague or a good neighborhood. Further, if you have any questions in your mind related to dating, feel free to ask in the comments. 

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