How to Answer How Are You Doing?

How to Answer How Are You Doing

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Whenever we have a conversation with anyone, the one question that the other person always asks is, how are you doing? Most people, including me, answer with either, ‘I’m fine, what about you?’ or ‘Everything going great. you tell?’ 

But do we really answer this question honestly? For example, maybe we have a terrible day, and at the end of the day, someone asks, ‘How are you doing?’ Still, most of us will answer with, ‘Everything fine, what about you?’

The question is easy, and the answer also seems easy, but we do not always answer it in the right way!

So what is the right way to answer this question? How to answer how are you doing? In different situations, how should we answer this question? 

We’ve made efforts to know the answers to these questions, and finally, we’ve got those answers. So, this article will show how to answer how are you doing? 

How to answer how are you doing? 

The answer to this question depends on the situation, the person asking you this question, and the mood you are in. 

For example, if your boss formally asks you this question, you will definitely answer with, “Fine, thanks. How are you?” 

In the above example, the situation is formal; the person asking you is your boss, and you can only answer formally.

Another example: If your best friend asks you ‘how are you doing,’ then you should answer with whatever the situation/mood you are going through. It would be best if you answer them honestly, without any filters.

So from, above two examples, you can clearly guess, the answer to this question can be different depending on various factors. 

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How to answer how are you doing, in different situations & to different persons?

There can be various answers to the question, “How are you doing,” according to different situations and according to the person who is asking you this question! Here are possible answers that you can give to the question according to the factors mentioned above! The answers are based on both in-person and online conversations!

How to answer how are you doing, in a formal conversation?

When someone senior to you or an acquaintance asks you, ‘how are you doing’ formally, you should respond with a formal answer. You can answer them with-

  • “I’m fine, sir/madam, thank you, & what about you?”
  • Ohh, Good morning/afternoon, sir, I’m feeling good, and how about you, sir?
  • “Everything is fine, sir/madam, what about you?”

Try to answer them sincerely, even though you are responding formally.”

How to answer how are you doing, in an informal conversation?

Answering ‘how are you doing in an informal conversation means the other person you’re talking to is someone known to you. So you can answer either honestly or in a funny way. You should also keep in mind the situation during the informal conversation, whether it is regular or serious.

Honest Answers can be – 

  • “Hey bro, everything is fine; what about you?”
  • “Ohh man, I just had a terrible day; what about you?”
  • “Everything is going fine, man; what about you?”

It would be best to answer honestly in an informal conversation because there’s no point in hiding your situation/thoughts.

Funny answers can be –

  • ”It’s better now that you asked.”
  • ”According to my attorney, I am not allowed to answer this question.”
  • ”I was fine up until you asked.”
  • ”It looks like you want anything from me.” ( Might look rude, use it with caution)
  • I am as content as a tick on a dog.

How to answer how are you doing, to your parent/parents?

When your parent/parents ask you, ”How are you doing,” you should answer honestly and don’t forget to ask them, ”How are they doing.” You should also tell any situation you’re going through, either it’s good or bad! Possible answers can be –

  • ”Thank you for asking mom/dad. Everything is great. What about you both? Anything I can help in?”
  • ”Going through a breakup/stuff, mom/dad! Thank you for asking! How are you guys?”
  • ”I’m fine. How are you?”

Continue the conversation with your parents, telling them if anything good or bad happened to you!

How to answer how are you doing, to your friend?

If your friend asks you, ‘how are you doing’ then it depends on how much bond you share with that friend. If you’re just normal friends, then it is better to answer shortly. 

If your best friend asks you this question, you can answer both in usual and funny ways. 

Answer to a Friend –

  • ”Everything going well, buddy, what about you?”
  • ”Happy and Satisfied with life, what about you?”
  • ”Good to see you, I’m feeling good, you tell?”
  • ”Just going through some stuff; how have you been.”

Answer to Bestfriend- 

  • “Ohh man, I just had a terrible day; what about you?”
  • ”It’s good to see you again. I’m feeling a little under the weather.”
  • ”Just had a terrible day, what about you.”
  • I can’t complain. No one pays attention anyway. (In a funny way)
  • ”According to my attorney, I am not allowed to answer this question.” ( In a funny way)

How to answer How are you doing, to the teacher?

If your teacher asks you the question, ‘how are you doing,” the answer should be mainly on the formal side. Yes, many students indeed have friendly relations with teachers, but it is appropriate to respond in a formal manner! Here are possible answers-

  • ”I’m doing fine, teacher, and focusing on my studies! What about you, sir/madam?”
  • ”Everything is going well, sir/madam! You tell, how is everything?”
  • ”Except for studies, everything is good! What about you, teacher?”(Friendly or informal way)

You should answer respectfully, whether you’re answering formally or informally!

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How to answer How are you doing,to your colleague?

When your colleague asks you, ‘How are you doing,’ then the answer to this question can depend on your relationship with that person, whether you’re just colleagues or like colleagues+friends. So you can answer this question in formal and informal ways. Here are possible answers-

Answering formally to a colleague-

  • ”Doing work, feeling tired, what about you?”
  • ”Good, just getting things done, you tell?”
  • ”Feeling great, what about you?”
  • ”Great, how was your day?”

Answering informally to a colleague- 

  • ”Working too much and not being paid enough.” (Funny way)
  • ”I will tell you, after knowing how much work I had to do today?”
  • I’m not sure. Is it Friday yet?

Even if you’re friends with your colleague/s, check their mood first before answering the question with a funny reply. It might piss them off. 

How to answer How are you doing to a Classmate?

So how will you respond to your classmate if they ask How are you doing to you? You can reply with:-

  • “Good morning, James; I’m doing great; what about you?”
  • “I’m fine, Julie, then you?”
  • “Just finished my homework, mate; what you are doing in the evening.”

With your classmates, you can both respond in formal and informal ways, depending on your relationship with them.

How to answer How are you doing to Relatives?

There’s always a time when you meet your relatives, and they ask about your life, career, and other personal things you are doing in your life. So how do you respond to them? Here are some suggestions:-

  • “Everything is going great; thank you for asking; what about you?”‘
  • “I’m alright, and everything is fine; you tell?”
  • “Thank you for asking Uncle/Aunt; I’m alright at the moment!”
  • “I’m good; how about you, grandpa and grandma?”

How to answer How are you doing to a senior/old person?

Many times, you meet someone older than you or an old person, in that situation, you can “how are you doing” with these replies:-

  • “Hi, I’m doing well, and how are you?”
  •  “Thanks, I’m fine. It is a beautiful day.”
  • Thank you for asking. I’m fine, and you?”

Answer a senior or old person with a smile, and don’t forget to ask them about their well-being!

How to answer How are you doing in funny ways!

When having a conversation online or in-person, many times you want to answer ‘How are you doing in a witty and funny way to someone you know. Or to someone who is bothering you. So here are our suggestions for answering the question with witty and funny replies:-

  • “Thank you for asking” (in a sarcastic way)
  • “According to my attorney, I am not allowed to answer this question.” ( In a funny way)
  • “What you want, bro?” ( in a sarcastic way)
  • “Just like you, but much better!”
  • “I was feeling fine until you asked!”
  • “Can’t complain; nobody even listens to me!”
  • Average, not too good, not too bad, just average!
  • “What do you think, how am I doing?”
  • I will tell you on Friday evening!
  • My psychiatrist advised me not to talk about it with strangers.

Bottom Line

So these were the responses that you can answer to “How you are doing,” according to different situations and persons. You can either use them directly or can just take an example from our responses. 

One more thing, you can use these answers in both online and offline conversations!

Let us know what you think of this article in the comments!

Thank you for reading!

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