How Old Do You Have to Be to Be on Family Feud

How Old Do You Have to Be to Be on Family Feud

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Family Feud is a game show that has been on the air since the 1960s on the ABC network. Richard Dawson was the show’s initial host, with Paul Altar serving as the show’s director. Both the original and syndicated versions of the show started in 1976. These shows ceased in 1985.

It’s not required that participants in “Family Feud” be older than 15, although it’s strongly recommended. 

Casting sessions are now being conducted via Zoom. Therefore, you will need to fulfill the following requirements to be considered:

  • You must have five blood relatives, marital relatives, or legal adoptive relatives.
  • U.S. citizens and those with authorization to work in the U.S. only.
  • It’s not required that participants in “Family Feud” be older than 15, although it’s strongly recommended.
  • If you or any member of your family has gone to multiple shows before then, you are disqualified automatically.
  • Before appearing on “Family Feud” with random members, you must have been separated by ten years to participate again.
  • Those companies are disqualified since they are all connected to FremantleMedia, Debmar-Mercury, Wanderlust Projects, or any Steve Harvey productions.

  A family that completes the above rules can give auditions. You can fill out the application online at:

Is the audition video necessary for families?

A video recording of your audition is not required but is highly encouraged. Try to include information together with pictures of your family to help supplement the lack of a video “advise you on your show casting. “We are searching for families that are energetic, enthusiastic, and playful.

How do you audition for Family Feud?

  1. Watch multiple episodes of Family Feud to prepare for your audition.
  2. The inclusion of your team members may impact your team’s success or failure. Family dynamics should be full of personality and include characters that are powerful and entertaining. To discover who is naturally active, have a family night.
  3. Your audition will be your opportunity to demonstrate that you are deserving of the chance to get a place on Family Feud. The production team will assist you as much as you can.
  4. While family dynamics are an essential criterion, auditions provide a slight advantage since interacting with people face-to-face. These auditions are highly organized to succeed in the live auditions.
  5. Your audition is your opportunity to display your unique family life to everyone. Assemble your finest possible family lineup and make sure everyone is prepared to perform their assigned roles.

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Do Family Feud contestants get paid?

There is no such thing. That money does not pay for your accommodation or any of your other costs. Rather, each member of your family gets a portion of the money from the show’s winnings, and this amount is split by five since there will be five members of your family participating. So if you have won something from the front, you need to pay your taxes for the winning amount or gifts.

Final Wording from Author

Family Feud is a funny and naughty type show. If you are thinking of going with kids less than 15, then wait for a few years until they grow old enough to answer a naughty question. We know your kids can answer questions very fast, but here question’s answer is not important. Here the important point is how you convert the audience’s view and make them laugh with your answer. For example, here is a question, why guys don’t look into girls’ eyes? This question is obvious yet funny, and they expect a different answer from your family.

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