Hen Party Games

Hen Party Games

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Are you finding for hen party games? Then, you are at the right place for that. When a girl is getting married, the moment is extraordinary. And to make this more special all the friends her celebrate this hen party.

Do you ever felt like what the hell is this hen game? TBH, what is the relation with poultry hen party or hen do? So, let’s first start with what exactly is the hens party. 

The word hen has a relation with the female species of any specific bird. Some people think that hen comes for single girls. But single could be pretty different from all these. 

For example, when you go to a club single, not as a couple, you have been called stag, not single. Because that means you are not single. It’s just you are coming inside a club alone. The same is the case with hen. 

Everybody visiting hens night is said to be a hen, and the whole group is termed as ‘the hens’ or ‘the hen party.’ The bride is also a hen, referred to as ‘The Bride’ during the actual celebration.

Toilet Paper wedding dress game for hen party games

There’s no better game for a hen party games than this! Why? When hens are creative and competitive, they are excited. Everyone’s favorite hen party games activity is the toilet paper game. Every hen may take part, and they all have a chance to create and show their art.

How to play the Toilet paper dress game?

This game requires a certain amount of creative thinking on your part. Guests are separated into groups and assigned to different areas of the room according to their team assignments. Teams are given toilet paper and asked to choose a “bride” to model the piece. They are required to make a gown only from the toilet paper that has been supplied. Tape and pins are strictly prohibited.

Alternative to, toilet paper wedding dress game

We have tried to list a few of the hen party games. However, if you are interested in knowing more about the game, you could complete the game’s title.

1: Truth or Dare

You could use this kind of game without any investments or prior knowledge. If you are organizing a hen party and never thought what to do. Then this would be a kickass party starter for you. 

2: Questions to Ask Bride

If you are the best friend of the bride and organizing the games with your hands. Then Questions to ask the bride about the groom would be a superb option for you. You have to do is taking all the questions’ answers from the groom before the game starts. 

3: Drinking Game Question

If your hens could quickly empty drums of whisky, then here is an excellent opportunity for them. Organize some of their favorite brands and start hen party drinking games. These are very easy to play. We have elaborated on these games in detail. 

4:  Funny Would You Rather Questions 

Many hens who are married usually take their small girls with them. So, you have to think not only about yourself but also about something for small girls. And, this is something meant for the small girls. You could organize a particular round of funny would you rather questions for them.

5: Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions

To spice things up, you can start something dirty. Eventually, we all know why it is all happening, and every girl had to cross that stage in life once. This is the reason why we have listed dirty never have I ever questions in hen party games. 

Hen party printable games

Are you finding for some fantastic hen party printable games? We know that printable decor and games are not only budget-friendly but also easy and cheesy. This is why we have some of the best Hen party printable games. 

1. Printable Photo Props – 

With paper crowns, flowers, and heart-shaped sunglasses, this on-trend hen party printable games photo booth prop set is excellent for all those #selfies.

2. She Said Yaas Banner – 

Create your party banner with the help of a free bunting printable from the ladies.

3. Guess The Dress – 

Wedding dress guessing game is sure to be a success with individuals that appreciate style and fashion.

4. Kisses for the New Mrs – 

To give the bride-to-be an extra special gift, print and frame your lips mark on a blank paper.

Funny hen party games

Is it truly a hen party games if there aren’t old party games? So if you’re looking to get everyone off their phones and have a good time, consider playing funny hen party games. These games urge folks to let their guard down and get down and dance!

  1. That’s Not Me! – The Hens’ Embarrassment Contest.

This is her big day, and she’ll look lovely in her wedding gown with perfect makeup and perfectly styled hair, and everyone will want to take a photo with her. She’s a 24-hour celebrity who never sleeps. That way, you can get rid of the embarrassing pictures before the hen do. It’s impossible to disgrace her at a wedding, but during her hen party, you just may!

2. Banned Words

This game is just perfect for everyone. The bride must be using some of her favorite words, or some of your friends do this. What you have to do is ban that words and write them down on a banned board. Then, when anyone uses these words, they would have to take a penalty for that. The penalty you could set a task or something like dance. 

3. That’s Pants

Your hens will need to bring a (spare) pair of underwear, whether it’s brand new or old stock, and place it in the ‘briefs box,’ which will be provided. Choose carefully since the bride-to-be will want to match your pants to your personality! What would people think of you if they saw your underwear?

4. Mr and Mrs

This is a must-have for every hen party games list. Before the celebration, ask the soon-to-be groom a slew of tough questions (around 20 total) and keep his answers a secret. Put your main hen on the hot seat on the big night with your finest Game Show imitation. We hope their responses are the same, but if they aren’t, then there will be a forfeit. There’s no limit to what you can come up with as far as dares go.

5. Pass the Balloon

Think of it as a more challenging version of ‘Pass the Parcel.’ You’ll have to separate and line up your hens for this one. Then, starting at the top, your guests pass a long balloon (don’t use a circular one; believe us) down the line as rapidly as possible without using their hands (trust us, we tried this). The winning team is the first to cross the finish line. However, if you drop the balloon before completing your forfeit, you will have to start again from the beginning.

Final Wording from Author

To end our words, all the best for your hen party. We hope you have planned all hen party activities. If you need more hens party ideas, you could comment below the post. We would be happy to provide you with more details. Also, feel free to ask any questions regarding the naughty list icebreaker on our Instagram page. We will be back with something unique. Till then, keep reading. 

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