Hard Would You Rather Questions

Hard Would You Rather Questions

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Have you ever had a good time with your friends and had a profound and hard would you rather question? If you have tried would you rather questions before but never tried asking them some logical questions or questions which should trigger their mind to think critically; then you should read these questions one time before starting your game again. These questions will trigger their minds and allow you to make some good friends with the help of the answer they give. So without wasting your time, here are some questions according to their respective category.

If you are a newly appointed assistant in a school and can’t manage kids easily, these would you rather questions that could help you. Get ready to learn new tricks. If you haven’t bookmarked our website yet, bookmark now to read later. We also have some funny would you rather questions for all age groups.

Hard Would You Rather Questions

  1. Would you rather leave your study or give up your social media?
  2. Would you rather spend money on your education or save it for your family?
  3. Would you rather take a chance to win a lottery of $1000 or in hand $200?
  4. If you don’t know how to swim and your best friend is drowning in water, would you rather scream for saving your best friend or jump inside to save him?
  5. Would you rather choose to leave the internet for the rest of your life or no vehicle use in life (except bicycle)?
  6. Would you rather choose to be blind without spaces or bald for the rest of your life?
  7. Would you rather marry a well-settled not so handsome person or a handsome but not settled person?
  8. Would you choose to do unethical work for money or get killed by the mafia?
  9. Would you rather kidnap your best friend for money or lose all your money to save him from problems?
  10. You are inside a car with a renowned doctor and a driver. The vehicle just met an accident, and both doctor and driver are unconscious at the moment. Suppose you could only save one. Would you rather save the doctor or choose the poor driver?
  11. Would you rather attend a marriage or attend an important meeting for $100 million.
  12. Would you rather save a pregnant woman or a bus full of kids?
  13. Would you rather witness a murder or save the culprit from the case?
  14. If you are a lawyer and your client said he had murdered three men. Would you rather save him for money or take the money but don’t save him?
  15. Would you rather slap your friend hard for cheating you or leak his funny and bare photos on the internet?
  16. Would you rather kiss a girl as a part of your punishment or jump from the third floor?
  17. Would you rather destroy someone’s career just by a complaint or give them another chance when you know that nothing will change?

Hardest would you rather questions dirty.

Have you ever tried playing Funny would you rather dirty with your partner? If not yet, then you may feel that this is the next level. So please first try to play funny would you rather before moving to the hardest questions dirty. Asking these questions may lead you and your partner to a horny or intimate scene, so make sure you are ready to play this round with your partner. 

  1. If you are in a room with three girls, one with big melons, second with round back, third with blond hair. Would you rather try on the first two or third with blond hair?
  2. Would you rather have affairs before marriage or cheat after marriage?
  3. If you selected to be cast in a [+18] movie, Would you rather choose to shoot a homosexual or gangbang?
  4. Would you rather pay your crust to have s#x, kidnap them to have s#x?
  5. Would you rather try all poses one by one or enjoy just a few known positions?
  6. Would you rather date the ugliest girl/boy for s#x or date a married woman/man?
  7. Would you rather date your enemy’s sister/brother or stay a virgin for life?
  8. Would you rather catch your partner cheating on you or just stay silent to enjoy s#x?
  9. Would you rather end up on a first date in a one-night stand or have a casual s#x again?
  10. Would you rather let your best friend try on your spouse or yourself try on your spouse’s best friend for cheating?
  11. Would you rather go in your spouse’s pg for s#x or call them in your pg for s#x?
  12. Would you rather give an oral to your best friend for fun or pay someone to have one nightstand with them?
  13. Would you rather go for the 4th round on a first s#x or just try once and say no to your spouse/
  14. Would you rather leave your spouse if you find a longer size or choose to cheat them with a longer one?
  15. Would you rather choose to be in a relationship with your distant family member or have an open s#x relationship with your professor? 
  16. Would you rather cheat your partner with a threesome or have a threesome with them?
  17. Would you rather confess all your relationships in the past to your partner or die before telling?
  18. Would you rather kill your partner for cheating you when you are in front or join them to end up in a threesome?
  19. Would you rather try a new pose or have a romantic date every time you have s#x?
  20. Would you rather go to hotel rooms to make scream while s#x or do quietly in your parent’s home?
  21. Would you rather go for a funny partner will less active in s#x or make a partner who is active in s#x but has no humor?
  22. Would you rather have a slap from a girl for asking her for s#x and meet alone for s#x or choose to have an open relationship?

Hard Would you rather questions for adults.

 Once in your life, you are stuck in situations where no phone works; you just have few friends whom you don’t know exactly. Moreover, you may host a party where the chief guest has not yet arrived. You just need to spend some time with some adults. How you treat others is the way others will treat you. So be prepared in advance for a game that can help you understand others’ feelings and mindsets. You could ask them some hard questions rather for adults.

Hard Would you rather questions for adults
  1. Would you rather stay dependent on someone or decide to live a rough life?
  2. Would you rather decide not to sleep for ten days or all your memories fade for life?
  3. Would you rather not attend your family gathering or always speak in rhythm for life?
  4. Would you rather spend three days with ten irritating kids or come to your parents to confront them about your love marriage?
  5. Would you rather attend the worst date of your life or eat the worst cake?
  6. Would you rather not sing or listen to any song for life or keep your eyes closed for one month?
  7. Would you rather not take any photo for a lifetime or upload every photo you take on the internet?.
  8. Would you rather speak a language no one knows or keep your every emotion a secret? 
  9. Would you rather celebrate your every defeat or choose to cry in front of others for your loss?
  10. Would you rather make your loved one angry with your emotions or keep your emotions deep inside?
  11. Would you rather want a safe and secure career or an adventurous year?
  12. Would you rather make others even after your breakup or stay in your room for a few days?
  13. If you dislike a person and you see him at your best friend’s party. Would you rather talk with them nicely or leave the party after seeing him?
  14. Suppose you are uncomfortable with your work. Would you rather leave your work or talk with someone that could resolve your problem?
  15. Would you rather get easily offended by small jokes, or can you take some of the hard comments?
  16. Would you rather take up all your frustration on juniors or cheat someone due to frustration?
  17. Would you rather be a mad animal lover or, contrary to this being cruel towards animals?
  18. Would you rather take a break for at least a year or save your money for the future?
  19. Would you rather focus on finding what you need or keep doing for your daily needs?
  20. Would you rather enjoy a movie even if the theater has a fire alarm until guards come to save you from an emergency or you run from the movie?
  21. Would you rather leave a movie theater in the middle of a movie if your closest person calls you or you complete the movie before going to that person?
  22. Would you rather mourning for your old mistake or confess that to someone you love?

Hard would you rather questions for kids.

If you have already played funny, would you rather questions for kids and your kids are asking the second round of this game. You should try Hard would you rather questions for kids now. So, what can you ask, and how hard should the bars be for Would you rather questions for kids? If your kids are now aware of the game, this is the time to raise the bars and let them think hard. This way, you can force them to think of the right option to choose between the two. So without wasting your time, here are some questions to get a good start.

Hard would you rather questions for kids
  1. Would you rather keep a fridge full of chocolates or a wardrobe full of money?
  2. Would you rather keep one friend for life or keep a new friend every year?
  3. Would you rather make yourself cure of any illness or choose to cure others?
  4. Would you rather choose to live with imperfect people having fun or good people in miserable conditions?
  5. Would you rather commit a crime for money or commit a crime for enjoyment?
  6. Would you rather give up celebrating your birthday or have an accident every year?
  7. Would you rather lose your listening powers or choose to have a cut on your nose?
  8. Would you rather leave your school forever or leave your parents forever?
  9. Would you rather learn everything taught in class or choose to cheat during the course to have an A grade?
  10. Would you rather be interested in knowing your death date or the reason due to which you die?
  11. Would you rather stay your complete life in a small hut or stay inside a villa alone?
  12. Would you rather be a good defender or a strong attacker?
  13. Would you rather have no water for one day or no food for one month?
  14. Would you rather choose to pass with cheating or getting a zero on your own?
  15. Would you rather keep away from parents or keep everything about your life secret from others?
  16. Would you rather fear from every animal or fear from nights?
  17. Would you rather keep away from TV and AC or keep away from vehicles for life?
  18. Would you rather live forever in the coldest place on earth or the hottest place?
  19. Would you rather eat bread only for life or hair fall every time you eat?
  20. Would you rather be a twin in the next birth or single child of your parents?
  21. Would you rather be an animal or kill an animal?
  22. Would you rather choose to be +25 years to your age now or stay the same age for the next four years?
  23. Would you rather be a one-day star or live your life a luxurious way?
  24. Would you rather keep in touch with everyone you know even after school or keep changing your friends every year according to your needs?

Hard would you rather questions for the couple. 

If you don’t know your partner well, you could start with a funny question for the couple. If you have already done that, would you rather question the game? It would help if you started fresh with a new round. This time you can ask some of the great questions which can create your bond stronger. If you think you are ready to start this round; then here are some common questions:

Hard would you rather questions for the couple
  1. Would you rather choose a relationship with your parents or a relationship with your partner?
  2. Would you rather choose your ex for relation or spend time with your partner?
  3. Would you rather introduce your first love to your partner or keep it a secret?
  4. Would you rather spend time making money or decide to spend quality time with your partner?
  5. Would you rather leave your favorite meal for life or stay sad for life for no reason?
  6. Would you rather struggle to marry your partner or choose to marry with your parent’s decision?
  7. Would you rather choose complete memory loss for life or choose to leave your partner for life?
  8. Would you rather change after marriage or kids or stay with the same attitude as today?
  9. Would you rather choose to die with your partner or choose their life by leaving them?
  10. Would you rather spend the life with the same partner for life with a disabled body or choose a healthy body by leaving them?
  11. Would you rather explore your relationship further or choose the same status for life?
  12. Would you rather move fast in relation or stay slow and gentle?
  13. Would you rather get influenced by others or stay believing in your partner?
  14. Would you rather choose ten kids with your partner or no kids for life?
  15. Would you rather feel insecure with your partner’s friend or tell your partner to stay away from them?
  16. Would you rather believe in unconditional love or marry a double-aged partner for money?
  17. Would you rather choose daily s#x with your partner or once a month?
  18. Would you rather ask for a gift on your birthday or your partner’s full time?
  19. Would you rather value your partner as the most important person in life or keep your parents as your priority?
  20. Would you rather watch a most romantic movie on Netflix and chill or go for a romantic date?
  21. Would you rather say your female partner to leave career after their kids or support her for a job?
  22. Would you rather face your worst fear for your partner or say to them that you can’t do it?

Final wording from author 

We don’t tell you to use all of these Hard would you rather questions. You can select according to your target person and even change any questions with your own emotions. You can completely change this situation or try to make the atmosphere funny with some of the funny would you rather question. Further, we are bringing a new series of Good would you rather questions for couple only. If you are interested in any of the specific categories of Would you rather questions, let us know in the comments. Till then, keep reading.

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