Good Would You Rather Questions

Good Would You Rather Questions

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If you have tried hard to start a conversation and can’t move forward, then here are your keys to good discussions. First, use some of the Good would you rather question to provoke others to have a conversation.

If you don’t know what it would rather game, here is a small introduction. One person will host the game or turn the host according to questions or the answerer. So there could be multiple contestants in the contest. The host will ask a question starting with would you rather and give options according to the host. Once he completes his question, the answerer had to pick one option quickly. If the answerer can’t deliver an answer soon, he loses one point. 

So now, when you get the rules, let’s start with some good would rather question. But before that, we have a separate post for “Hard would you rather questions” and “Funny would you rather question,” don’t forget to read that also. 

Good Would You Rather Questions Dirty

Everyone here to read some good would you rather question dirty; we have posted two different blogs with “Funny would you rather question dirty” and “hard would you rather question.” You may find some good questions from there. For more questions with the same category, keep reading. These questions may contain some dirty words; it’s up to the reader to take that and ask someone. If you need love-proposal tips, then comment below; we will upload them soon.

Good Would You Rather Questions Dirty
  1. Would you rather date an excellent personality partner who is average in looks or choose a hot partner?
  2. Would you rather book a honeymoon room or go out for a third date?
  3. Would you rather check to like face or figure?
  4. Would you rather wear fashionable clothes in-home or not wear any clothes?
  5. Would you rather make a rich person your true love or find a nice person to love?
  6. Would you rather marry a foreigner for citizenship or marry someone from a small town?
  7. Would you rather live your life in shorts with your partner or keep many affairs?
  8. Would you rather cheat your partner on an excellent s#x session or stay comfortable in less?  
  9. Would you rather spend a night in jail for s#x in the car or call your parents/friends to bail you out of the situation?
  10. Would you rather wait outside for your partner to get ready for a party or go inside for one more round?
  11. Would you rather make food for your partner after s#x or ask them to order online and have one round again/
  12. Would you rather test your partner on the bed before marrying or spend life with them even if they are not good in bed?
  13. If it is cold outside and you have a meeting, your partner has just arrived from out of the station. Would you rather have a casual greeting before leaving for the conference or drop the conference and have s#x?
  14. Would you rather choose $1,99,999 for not meeting your partner again or live your life in misery with your partner?
  15. Would you rather feel comfortable with a cheating partner or an obsessed one?
  16. Would you rather spend a night with an unknown person of the opposite sex or call your friend to pick you up from the location?
  17. Would you rather have s#x in the rain or a forest famous for lions?
  18. Would you rather hit the girl you know or a girl you admire the most if no one can see you?

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Good would you rather question funny

If you are new to a team; and know very few persons. You can start with some ice-breaking questions. These questions could be for kids, adults, couples, and anyone else. So if you can make them laugh with your questions, you will be a part of the team forever. So think wisely and deliver your questions satisfactorily.  

Good would you rather question funny
  1. Would you rather meet all your relatives at a place or find a lonely place where no one lives?
  2. Would you rather celebrate your birthday like a king or choose angle as your servant?
  3. Would you rather spent time watching the water on the beach or playing your favorite video game?
  4. Would you rather kill a cockroach or pick a rat from the tail?
  5. Would you rather travel alone to a new place or go to the same site with your friends every year?

Good would you rather question couples?

For couples, it may be awkward to go out and start a conversation. So uncomfortable happens with many who choose a arrange marriage. But, not only arrange marriage, sometimes new couples find a way to talk more and understand their partner more. So here, you can start with some really good would you rather question for couples. It will help you o unlock the silence. If you are lucky enough, who knows you can find a lifetime partner with would you rather question game!!

Good would you rather question couples
  1. Would you rather change your lifestyle for your partner or change your partner?
  2. Would you rather stay without kids or leave your career for kids?
  3. Would you rather save money for your future or spend cash on the present?
  4. Would you rather make your partner compromise for your comfort or tell them that you can’t adjust?
  5. Would you rather drink alcohol with your partner (if you don’t drink) or choose to leave the party organized by your partner?
  6. Would you rather tell a lie to your partner to survive a fight or tell them the truth and make them understand your points?
  7. Would you rather fight with your partner’s best friend for telling something you have hiding from them, or will you apologize for a mistake you haven’t made?
  8. Would you rather divorce your partner if you feel your life is hell after marriage or make yourself comfortable in new conditions?
  9. Would you rather force your partner to have or not have kids or go with proper planning for your first baby?
  10. Would you rather stay meeting your opposite-sex friend after marriage or lose every contact to strengthen your relationship?

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Good would you rather question flirty

If you already have a flirt with someone, then you know how it works. But for those who don’t know how to flirt, let’s tell you. If you are interested in a particular person and want to compliment them in a way, this all could look funny. On the other hand, with a simple flirt, anyone could judge your behavior. And if the person in front is also interested in you will reply to you soon. So here are some good would you rather question flirty behavior.

Good would you rather question flirty
  1. If it’s your partner’s birthday next week and you are one thousand miles away. Would you rather wish them on a video call or drive down the street to hug them and wish with kisses?
  2. Would you rather choose to cuddle your partner the whole night or choose to hold their hand for the entire day?
  3. Would you rather hide the love bite of your partner by makeup or stay the marks visible to the world?
  4. Would you rather spend more time with your partner or keep a one-month distance for marrying them soon?
  5. Would you rather decide the names of your babies before your marriage or decide the name after marriage?
  6. Would you rather keep your relationship secret or let the people know what you feel for your partner?
  7. Would you rather keep telling yourself that you love your partner or will purpose them once in a life?
  8. Would you rather delete the number of your ex and keep them talking even after a breakup?
  9. Would you rather date a loose character partner with romantic nature or choose a one relationship partner with insufficient knowledge of romance?
  10. Would you rather not tell your child about your love stories or tell them lies about arranged marriage?

Good would you rather question crush?

We know that you have already played the “would you rather game.” If you want to impress your crush with good communication skills, you can check other blogs for conversation tips. Further, it’s an art to talking with your crush and have a great session with them. Whatever age you and your crush are, it doesn’t matter until you feel comfortable with them. So here is a tip to make your crush think for you; play these good would you rather questions with your crush.

Good would you rather question crush
  1.  Would you rather watch movies in the theater or on OOT?
  2. If you choose between two-person, one is who admires you; the second is whom you admire. Would you rather choose the first person or determine the second person?
  3. Would you rather meet and friendship with new people in the first meet or choose to spend some time before selecting your friends?
  4. Would you rather share food with friends or enjoy your meal alone?
  5. Would you rather let your partner enjoy few drinks and get drunk or keep them close to you and sober?
  6. Would you rather enjoy a coffee in the evening with your partner or dinner at night?
  7. Would you rather date for few years before a marriage or directly marry whom you love?
  8. Would you rather send a gift to your partner or expect to receive some advantage from them?
  9. Would you kiss your partner in front of your ex to make them feel jealous or flirt with someone else to make your partner feel jealous?
  10. Would you rather leave your partner for a double salary or quit your job for your partner?

Really Good would you rather have questions.

Everyone has a different taste and mindset. Suppose you have ever felt that you are alone in a group. Or someone you know is an introvert and doesn’t like groups of people. So, here is a tip for you: make them comfortable with you; ask some really good would you rather questions to them. So that the person can make abound between them. PersuadeEd had a variety of would you rather questions and their different categories. If you have already read previous blogs of “Funny would you rather questions” and “Hard would you rather question” and also liked this blog, then here are some handpicked and heart touching Really good would you rather questions for you.

Really Good would you rather have questions
  1. Suppose you have a chance at a $100 desk job and a $500 outdoor job. Would you rather choose a desk job or an outdoor job?
  2. Suppose you have a chance to see the future. Would you rather help others with problems or solve all your problems?
  3. Suppose you find a job on a hill station with a low-budget salary. Would you rather do the job or don’t accept the offer?
  4. Would you rather spend 18 hours working for your future or do an 8-hour job just to pay your bills?
  5. Would you rather leave your job for a startup with 20% shares or do a safe job?
  6. Suppose someone proposes to you in front of your family, who just met you for the first time. Would you rather reject the offer or accept the offer if you like?
  7. Would you rather die with your spouse or before your spouse?
  8. Would you rather format your phone or put all your photos on the internet? 
  9. Would you rather delete all your social media accounts or put your weird photos on social media.
  10. Would you rather go on a cruise that will fall in the middle with your partner or choose to go on a crashing plane with your friends?

Final wording from author

Everyone has a different heart and mindset. Someone loves adventure and meeting new people. On the other hand, there are introverts and people who hate surprises. So, it depends on person to person; how would they react to these questions. So keep hustling, make your place in every group, and don’t forget to check other’s blogs for Funny would you rather and Hard would you rather questions. With this, it was the end of Good would you rather questions. If you like, then bookmark our website; we will be back with a new idea. If you have some particular questions, then let us know in the comment section. 

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