Good conversation topics for texting

Good conversation topics for texting

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Some people find texting easier to know a person and find it better than talking in person. Because those people are better at texting, but many people cannot give a shot at texting. They don’t know how to start a conversation or how to carry on the exchange.

Whether they are texting with a girl or boy, they don’t know what to talk about after asking about ‘How are you or What are you doing?’

But don’t get on your nerves. We are here to help you. We will tell good conversation topics for texting with a girl, boy, girlfriend, boyfriend, or someone else! You will definitely see good results after reading and implementing this article!

Good conversation topics for texting with a girl!

If you’re trying or want to start a conversation with a girl you know, you are not friends. And you are just starting the conversation for the first time. So then, here are our suggestions for good conversation topics. 

1) You should ask about her!

This is the most important and is one of the best topics you can start with. You can ask a lot of things on this conversation topic. You can ask about their studies, their family, their hobbies, their likes, and dislikes. Knowing about them will help you to learn more about them. 

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The things to ask about from a girl include-

  • Their home town/city
  • Family 
  • Studies
  • Hobbies
  • Likes and Dislikes

And don’t forget that you should also talk about yourself through relating with her. 

2) Food

Food is a perfect topic if you’re starting a conversation with a girl. Most girls love to talk about food. You can ask 

What’s their favorite dish?

 If they like cooking or not?

 What’s the best place they like to eat food at? 

 What kind of food do they like?

You can then even ask them out for their favout=rite food or to visit their favorite restaurant.

3) Music

What can be better than knowing their music taste? 

Which genre do they like?

What’s their favorite artist?

What’s their favorite song?

Which song should they recommend to you?

 You can also tell them about your own preference. This will really help in building up the conversation.

4) Movies and Web Series

Another good topic is Movies and Web Series because most people watch movies and web series nowadays. So you can ask what’s their favorite movie genre, which actor or actress they like. Also, you can share your favorite web series or movies with them. 

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5) Love Life and Stories

If you have started the conversation with the girl and it is going smoothly, then you can ask about their love life. But it should be done in a manner that she doesn’t think you’re directly asking her. 

Also, another topic is ‘stories’; ask about any funny stories to share, any wild stories. But this should also be asked after some good conversation.

Good conversation topics for texting with a boy!

If you’re a girl and want to talk with a boy you know or like, you don’t know what to talk about. So then we’re here to tell you some good topics to start and keep the conversation going on with a Boy!

1) Ask about them!

The first and foremost thing to ask a boy is to ask about them. You should ask things about them like-

  • Their home town/city.
  • Family 
  • Studies/college
  • Job(if any)
  • Likes and Dislikes

These are basic questions you should ask any person you’re starting a new conversation with. 

2) Movies/ Web-series

This is another good topic to know about a boy and their preference. Movie taste tells a lot about a person’s character. Ask them questions like –

  • Which genre of movie is their favorite?
  • Who is their favorite actor or actress?
  • What was your most terrifying movie experience?

There can be more movie or web-series-related questions you can ask them!

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3) Sports

Most boys love sports, whether it is cricket, football, rugby, tennis, or any other. There can be good conversation on this topic. The questions can be –

  • What is your favorite sport?
  • Do you play or played any sport?
  • Which is your favorite athlete or sportsperson?
  • Would you rather watch or play sports?

These sports questions can make the boy think, you know about sports, and create a sense of bonding!

4) Future

You can talk about their future. What do they want to do in the future? What’s their dream job? What’s your goal to be in the future? In between asking these questions, you should motivate them about their goals. 

Some other good conversation topics for texting with boys can be – 

  • Video games
  • Music Taste
  • Dating
  • Life Stories

Good conversation topics for texting with girlfriend or boyfriend!

If you’re in a new relationship and you’re not good at texting and don’t know about any good topics or in a relationship for a long time. But now you don’t know what to talk about. Then here are some good topics that you can use to have a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend!

1) Ask about their day

If you’re in a relationship, then there is nothing better than asking about your partner’s day. This will create a sense of more love and care. You can ask- 

  • How was their day?
  • What did they do?
  • How did things turn out for them?

There can be more than that, and it will surely make the relationship better! 

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2) Relationship Future

You can talk about the relationship’s future, how things will go in the future with their relationship? Whether the relationship will work out or not? Can your relationship be turned to the point of marriage? 

These kinds of topics will maintain healthy conversation even if you are away from each other!

3) Talk about Music and Movies

Many times, people in a relationship forget about entertainment. Even if you’re apart and away from each other; still, you can talk about music and movies. You should recommend music, movies or web series. 

It will lighten the mood of another person. 

4) Chat about the Past

If you’ve never talked about the past, then this can be a good conversation topic for texting. You can have a better understanding of each other after talking about each other’s past.

A good story is also waiting to be discovered from the past. So, despite having covered the basics, tell stories from your childhood or share old family secrets.

It may surprise you to find out what they like to play, their favorite place to visit, which may turn into an exciting engagement or date night.

Some other good conversation topics for texting in a relationship can be – 

Good conversation topics for texting with Friends!

If you’re away from your friends and want to chat with them but don’t have suitable topics, then here are some of our recommendations!

1) Talk about ‘What’s going on?’

The first and foremost thing that you should talk about with friends is, what is going on in their life? What are they doing in their life? Ask about studies, college. Or ask about how their job is going. 

These are basic questions to ask your friends before talking about anything else.

2) Chat about Friendship

You can chat about friendship with your friends and how you became friends. How is your friendship now? What crazy things did you do in your friendship? How will things be in the future?

These types of questions about friendship will enhance your friendship bond and will also resurface your friendship memories.

3) Talk about Dating

Dating can be a fun and exciting topic to talk about with friends. You can chat about – 

  • What is their relationship status?
  • To whom are they dating?
  • On what date did they have the worst or best experience?
  • What kind of date would you like?

These kinds of questions will tell how much your friend woke up in dating and relationships. This will be a fascinating topic to talk about with your friend!

4) Travelling

You can talk about traveling with your friends! You can start a conversation on the following questions:-

  • What are some places you’ve been to in the past?
  • Where are you planning to go in the future? 
  • Where will we all go to travel to? 
  • Favorite tourist destination.

Such questions will surely make part of a good conversation. 

5) Music and Movies

Of course, you can talk about music, movies and web series. It will be exciting as well as suitable to talk in friendship. You and your friends can tell their music preferences. Like

  • Which artist do they like?’
  • Which is their current favorite web series. 
  • Which movie or series did they finish?
  • Which artist are they listening to nowadays? 

Such questions give a better turn to friendship, and you also get much time talking to each other. 

There can be some other topics to talk about like-

  • Sports
  • Food
  • Future Plans
  • Secrets

Bottom Line 

So these were our suggestions in case you don’t have any good conversation topics for texting either with a boy, girl, Girlfriend, boyfriend, or even your friends. Tell us in the comments how much you like our article. 

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