Go naughty with Flirty and Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

dirty questions to ask your girlfriend

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Are you afraid to ask dirty and flirty questions to your girlfriend? Today, we are back with some great dirty questions to ask your girlfriend. When you are very new to dating, you may feel very intense. And this intense feeling needs to change our talks with our girlfriends. Here, we will help you with going to the next level in your relationship. Read these flirty and dirty questions to ask your girlfriend. Make a list for yourself. Be prepared for the outcomes which could happen after asking these questions. Maybe she is interested in you, so she starts making efforts in your relationship. Or maybe she is just friends with you and got irritated with your questions. But wait, this could be the only chance for you to know. If she will be your better half or girlfriend, then you must start with flirty questions to ask your girlfriend. So let’s start without wasting much time:

What if Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend-Flirty?

What if I Kiss You Right Now?

Suppose your girlfriend starts smiling and glances at you, then it’s the right time to start your first kiss. Of course, she could just slap you and go if you are not a lover material. So, what are you waiting for now? Look at her body language. Is she looking into your eyes and lips? She is flicking her hair. Is she feeling nervous and biting her lips? Is she going to the restroom and comes back with lip balm and a slight touch-up? The last tip just asks before locking her lips. If she permits you with her eyes, then this is the right chance for you.

What if I cuddle You Right Now?

 If it’s just the end of the day or date, and you are going back. You don’t want to leave them, then don’t feel shy to ask this. Even if your relationship is not strong enough to kiss, you could get a cuddle or hug. Just be honest about your feelings with your girlfriend. If you can give her a commitment, then say first that I am here for a commitment. Even if you are not ready for a commitment, tell her that I am not giving any commitment, just fun and done. Even if she says no, that would be on a positive note. You know how breakups are done just because guys don’t commit and assume the girl wholeheartedly.

What if I am in Love With You?

If you are not sure about everything and don’t want to hurt your friend’s feelings, then this is the right question. The answer could be simple yet difficult for her also. She could say she has been committed for the past few years/months, or days. Just to avoid you. If she is ready for you or doesn’t want to go further with you, she could laugh and say you are mad. Just check her further and dig more about her now. If you dig in the correct place, you will get your treasure. A point is just enough to go further.

What if You and I Live in the Same Room for One Week?

These types of questions when you ask your girlfriend to live with you or spend time with you will help you check how she thinks of you. For example, the normal girl who is just friends with you will say I would eat poison before that and laugh at you. Or a girl who is your girlfriend would just blush thinking of spending some time with you. 

What if I was Your Daddy or Sugar Daddy?

How does she feel about you in terms of wealth? No man can tell how a woman thinks. Suppose she is very much into her shopping and all. Knowing her priorities are money if she is answering witty with cars, bungalows, or money. If you are rich enough to give her all of these, then purpose her now. 

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What if Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend-Dirty

What if I was Completely Stranger to You and Pinched You?

Here we have 2 different questions, and the answers are completely different from each other’s questions. First is being completely stranger to her. It could be amazing for her to think of your time spent together. If she is interested in you, she will reply to that. Otherwise, you will get an answer to your second question directly. If she points to the second part of the question, you could ask again for the first’s answer. Hope, she replies with a good and smiling answer this time.

What if I was Your All-Time Favorite Star?

Just know her choices with this type of question. On behalf of this question, you can say, “What if you and I were in Titanic?”. Here she could make an image in her mind of how you would look in that movie she loves the most. Maybe she starts daydreaming about how you and her would look together in that movie. So, just before answering this question, she would have a positive image in her mind.

What if You and I Were on a Date Night?

Making her think strongly that you both look perfect together with each other needs effort from both sides. This effort could be made with the help of this question. When you ask her, she would answer most of the questions like her favorite dress, her choice in restaurant selection, or place for a date; even then, she would be telling you if she drinks or not. So, this all will happen when she loves you. Don’t think further if you want to ask them this question too.

What if I Invite You For a First Date to My Room?

This question is a kind of sexual question, and when you search for answers to sexual questions about your girlfriend. Only one person could help you with that, and that person is your girlfriend only. So, if she is in love with you and is also looking for a h**kup, she would freely say some naughty ideas about the first night. But, on the other hand, if she is not looking for a h**kup, then she could just neglect the question by saying, ask your girlfriend yourself.

What if We H**k Up After the First Date?

How could you think of h**king up on a first date? This was the very first reaction of my girlfriend when I asked this question. But later we found each other interested and spent a lot of time with each other. She just loves saying things freely. If you just had a girlfriend and didn’t know much about her, then ask her. If she is just like other girls, it will show your overall nature to everything everyone tries to hide. Showing your emotions isn’t bad at all. 

Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend When Playing the Question Game

How Many People have You Kissed Before?

You can’t ask a girl if you are a virgin. But by kissing, virginity doesn’t get affected. So, if you are asking your girlfriend how many people have you kissed before, you are asking a valid question. Maybe she had kissed any girl in the room, or she intentionally kissed a man but broke the kiss just because she was not thinking good for this man. So, if she loves you, she would not hide how many people she had kissed before. Maybe she could cover she had kissed on cheeks or girls only type influences.

What have You Done Sexually with Someone Else?

Being sexual doesn’t always mean having sex only. It includes kissing, licking or sucking, touching, rubbing, grinding, fingering or stroking, cunniling*s or f*llatio. Including vaginal or an*l penetration also. So, if she has ever gone open with a man before, she would not hide anything from you. Even if she hides, she would be telling about her past more. So, make a strong step and ask her this question. The modern generation has a partner, and in a fast-moving world, no one is untouched.

What Attracts you to People?

Decent looks, ambition, and a good sense of humor are the typical characteristics individuals are looking for. However, there are additional variables that you probably do not play a significant role in who you are attracted to. For example, past experiences, proximity, and biology all have a part to play in deciding who is and who is not.

What would You Do if You Saw Me Naked?

This could be a personal question that relates to you and her thinking for you. For example, if she is your girlfriend, then she would try to amaze you. If she is ready for a h**kup, then she will reply with witty words. For example, she could list out your private parts, which you would love to watch. Or she could say she would close her eyes. So, don’t hesitate to ask your girlfriend this question.

What are Your Thoughts on Sex?

This is a question to which you should get a straight answer. Like if she loves to h**k up or find someone for a long time relationship or commitment. So when you ask this question, one thing to check is whether she is just perfect for you. If you are finding someone for casual h**kups and someone for commitment for marriage, you would face a misconception. This misconception could lead you to break up also. 

What are Some Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend-Dirty?

What Turns You on?

These types of questions are just perfect. You want to know more about your girlfriend. Does she gets attracted to the biceps or chest? Or is she a womanizer lover? Whatever her choice is, you would get hidden information about her. 

Have You Ever had a S*xy Dream?

Dreams would be from our unconscious mind if she had the urge to have sex. Suppose she had the grief of having sex with someone before you. These cases can be huge in your relationship if she can commit to her past through dreams or something else. 

What do You Wear When You Sleep?

If you live at a distance or are not yet close, this could be a starter for your relationship. What do you feel comfortable telling them and ask them? Like you could tell that you love to sleep naked or you just wear shorts. Look at her expression and ask your question again. Make her feel comfortable with you, and she will tell you their choice when she feels comfortable.

What is the Worst Assumption Someone Has Made About You?

This type of question points to personal choices. If she is moving out with a friend or brother, some of their friends comment on being a couple. This is the think of assumption. Which type of assumption she doesn’t love and makes her angry. You will have to maintain this rule for life if you want to make her your life partner.

What’s Something You Lied to Your Mom or Dad About?

I personally lied many times to my parents that I don’t drink. I assume the same is the case with you. If you ask a girl, you could get a new thing like she has gone on a date with her ex but told parents that she is with friends. And how could we forget girls’ night? Every girl had just told a lie to her parents. 

Final Wording from Author

Well, with this, it was the end of dirty questions to ask your girlfriend. At last, we could only say that you must ask questions. Because questions are a ladder to your relationship, and lies/hiding from partners are snakes. If you want to reach 100 (marriage), ask and help your girlfriend reach them together. Persuaded is here to help you in your relationship with thousands of advice. If you want to ask any questions about relationships, feel free to comment below or follow us on Instagram and ask your questions. 

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