16 Fun Games to Play with Your Boyfriend

Games to Play with Your Boyfriend

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Are you searching for games to play with your boyfriend? Maybe you just can’t do anything else or go for an outing like on a rainy day. We are saying this because it is the winter holiday time in the USA and other countries. And almost everything is freeze outside your house. So maybe you would be running out of things. No matter what, here are # fun games to play with Your boyfriend.

16 games to play with your boyfriend

1: Play Funny would you rather game

As we said, outside your house, there might be snowfall. And inside your home, that ice could form if you don’t do what is necessary for that. And the thing required to do at the moment could be to create a hot environment. To deal with this, you could start some would you rather game. This would be an opportunity for you to ask him things and choose from two different things. His choice and mindset would be clear to you if you are just new in a relationship.

2: Play Funny never have I ever questions

We know this could be quite childish, but believe it or not, being childish could sometimes spice up your relationship. This is why we would give you # games to play with your boyfriend. You just need some good wine or drinks to start playing this game. You would never be bored with this game if you both played wisely. This is why you should consider looking at the whole new list of never have I ever questioned. 

3: Play Truth or Dare 

Let’s give you straightforward advice to play this game. First, put on some extra layers of clothes before starting playing this game. The game might get to the point where you need to remove something. And don’t hesitate to do something naughty with your boyfriend. The end of starting for games to play with your boyfriend is to have fun. So why would someone stop if you are getting the exact fun for which you started? 

4: Play Drinking Game Questions for Couples

This might be an exciting game for those who are drink addictive. On the other hand, it might be unusual and shameful for some of you. These could be pretty well-loving games for some couples, and some are just way beyond playing such games. The fun fact about the game is that you don’t know how this is going to end. The funny and being drunk or a romantic date night. Some couples just wake up in the morning and say that they don’t remember what happened with them in the night. 

5: Guess the movie name

If you want to start with the basics, then this could be what you could do first. This is the era of Memes. You could make some from your favorite old movie. Try to select something funny and reliable to make sure that your game is exciting and playable. If you did this in advance, then you would be staying more in the game. Moreover, if you don’t need to include a phone or laptop, then just recite some of your favorite dialogues and ask him to guess the movie name from the dialogue. 

6: Blind game could be a new experience

When you just want to spice up your relationship with your boyfriend in cold winters, then you could play the blindfold game. What you need are two blindfolds. If you haven’t specific eye folds, you could you any other clothes that perfectly close your and your partner’s eyes and are comfortable. If your partner is comfortable being a part of the mess, then you could close his eyes with a blindfold and do whatever you want with him. In the last, don’t forget to record his reactions. 

7: No Respond Game is the real adventure

To this game, we will present you two different ways. First, which completely involves your partner, and the second, in which he doesn’t have a clue of what is happening around him. Let’s start with first thing first. 

In the first type, you and your partner will be sitting next to each other, with a bottle of your choice and two glasses. What you need to do is ask him emotional or intimate questions. The task or difficulty of the game is your partner is supposed to make no response and take a sip from the bottle. If he chooses to answer and the question, then the table will turn. And he would be asking you the same kind of questions and give you answers. 

Let’s tell you the second type of game. In this type, you just need to avoid your boyfriend and make him suspicious of what happened. The task for you will be not to laugh and make him cry in the bedroom. And for him, the task would be to understand that it’s a game and make you laugh with whatever he does. 

8: One Truth and two lies

This game eventually contains two truths and a lie. But to spice up and make it more difficult, you could choose to ask two truths and a lie. What you and your partner would be doing is telling a total of three statements, one of which would be a lie, and two would be genuine. What the defender would be doing is guessing what a lie is and what is Truth. Then the challenger has a chance to tell them the right answer or take a sip from the drink. The motive of the game would be to understand your partner better and spice your relationship. 

Note: Here, you could play 2 truths and a lie, Truth, and lie, or # truths and * lies. Then the defender would be telling a total of # + * statements.

9: Hide stickers game

There is a sticker game in which participants stick some stickers on other people without them noticing. But as we said that, we would be telling you some games to play inside your room in the winter. This is why we thought of a slight variation of the game. What the game is, you both would divide some stickers. If you don’t have stickers with you, you could divide the same amount of coins or notes. Make sure you both have different currencies. Then hide your stickers inside the room or anywhere in the house. And you and your partner would be searching for all stickers. Who would find it all in less time would be the winner. 

10: Eye Contact Game

This is quite an unusual game, and you could play this in these winter holidays. When anyone is around you or alone also. What you both would be doing is maintaining eye contact with each other. If anyone of you breaks eye contact, then they would lose the game. The real task is to do this around your family or any relative. 

11: Rock, Paper, Scissors and kisses

If you haven’t yet planned for any of the above games, then you could play Rock, Paper, Scissors, and kisses. For this, you don’t have to plan before. You don’t have to read anything and think of a lot of questions to ask him. You just need to rewind the old game which we used to play in your childhood. Now, what the change is which will lose have to kiss partner where they want. 

12: Mystery Sound Game

What you need is a good knowledge of movies, songs, reality shows and old melodies. Then, just make some voice notes and play that one by one. Let both guess what this sound is about. You could also add different voices of birds and animals to make this game some fun. 

13: Dare and Remove It

The next on the list of games to play with your boyfriend is a dare and remove it. Here what you need to do is dare your boyfriend. If he didn’t do the dare, he would be removing one clothe. If he completed the dare without any difficulty, then you have to remove clothes. We assure you that one of you would be completely available for everything naught and the other would be trying to cover themself with one hand. This is all about spice up your relationship. The winter would be unique, and you wouldn’t be bored this winter if you tried these things. 

14: One Word One Answer

This is an ancient game. And you would be finding one word to tease him with playing this kind of game. What you need is just your partner. Tell him a word, and he would have to give an answer without thinking much about them. You could try phone, friends name, colleagues or whatever comes first in your mind. Try to point some other girl’s name or ex’s name and check his reaction. We can’t tell you about fun with this game, but you would know your partner better with this game. 

15: Story Time

If you or your partner is more creative and clever, then this could be the perfect game for you both. You need to start telling your partner a story and ask him to help in completing the story or stretching it more. You both would be ending in laughing hard with this game. 

16: Try playing Karaoke

This could cost you a slight to buy or rent the karaoke machine. Sometimes you may feel shy to sing or perform in public. But as a couple, you must create bonding between you both. This is the exact opposite of doing something spectacular, then doing it in public. Now what you would be doing is inside your house in this winter season. Like you may have seen in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” You would have such a pleasant feeling by doing this. 

Final Wording from Author

This was the end of games to play with your boyfriend. We hope these winters you will be spending happily inside your house playing these beautiful games. We would suggest you stay on question games for knowing your partner. But if you want to spice up your relationship, please stay on something unique that hasn’t been listed on websites. Feel free to comment for any suggestions. 

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