Freaky Things to Say to Your Boyfriend


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Today we will be talking about freaky things to say to your boyfriend. Do you know how to talk nasty to a person? Especially if we say that person is your boyfriend. Let’s face this truth. Dirty talks are a necessity for a long-distance relationship. 

Here at PersuadeEd, you will get some hot things to say in bed to a man, how to talk seductively to a man, what to say to make a guy come, etc. So if you are excited about reading all this, then stay tuned to freaky things to say to your boyfriend article. But let’s first start with what freaky things do guys like in bed.

What freaky things do guys like in bed?

When you’re in bed together, you’ll be able to do a lot of freaky things to say to your boyfriend. These freaky things will make your boyfriend go wild and next level. According to psychology, most men love dominant girls. So you must learn some dominant things to turn him on in the bed. Of course, this is not like all men are the same. Some of them will love a decent girl. But they may be very few. To be more specific, you will find some guys who are way beyond your expectations in terms of freak. 

  1. “Do you know I can’t focus on my goals when you’re wearing your pants? Take them off!”
  2. “Lips on my lips and d*ck on clit!”
  3. “Moanday. Tongueday. Wetday. Thirstday. Freakday. Sexday. Suckday.”
  4. “Keep your face between my legs. It would be better!”
  5. “Keep yourself hydrated. Coz tonight you are going to shaking until watering my plants!”
  6. “Get your a$$ in my bed.”
  7. “Nice pants. Can I test the zipper?”
  8. “Tease me until I’m begging for it.”
  9. “Hands up and throw all of your clothes on the floor.”
  10. “I wanna do bad things to you.”

These were some quotes to freak your boyfriend. If you try any of these, then your boyfriend will be turned on in a second. 

Dominant things to say to your boyfriend

Sometimes it happens that you and your boyfriend are not in the same room. Or you can’t video call him. In that case, sexting with your boyfriend is an excellent idea. Understanding your mens’ needs is the key to finding out what you need to say. If you are in the bedroom together, you will be saying something else, and on the phone or text, you will be saying quite different things at all. 

For example, let’s take two cases one you both are in the same room and the other you are a long distance from each other. In the first case, you could say “use me” like quotes. We have listed the top 10 freaky things to say to your boyfriend on the top for that case. But assuming you are connected on the phone, these all would be a waste for you. Let’s see an example of what you could say in the text. 

  1. “I am bored lying on the bed. I wish you were with me to play ludo!”
  2. “I saw a dream last night. I was on a honeymoon trip with a handsome man! I am just asking did you have the same dream last night 😊.”
  3. “You know when you are with me. Everything looks completely different. And when you go, something inside me misses a part of you. “
  4. “If I was with you right now. I would first kiss you strongly on your lips and give you love bites.”
  5. “I just bought some lollipops from the supermarket. I am sucking one of them. Do you know why? Coz I am missing blowing your pop!”
  6. Confession: Do you know what I did today? Probably you would be spanking me after knowing that. If only there were you to do it . . .
  7. “Do you know I learned some awesome yoga positions from videos? I wish you were here to try that. You know what I mean!”
  8. “Do you know, every time I dream, I start to fantasize about you. I can’t wait for more for you to be here to find out you are perfect and dominant!”
  9. I want to confess something to you. I think too naughty for you when I touch myself in bed!
  10. “I assume you also have some naughty dream, just like I do for you.”

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Talk dirty to your boyfriend, Quotes.

If you want to talk dirty with your boyfriend, then here is a tip for you. First, learn how to use emojis ideally. At least use a few like eggplant, lollipop, or lipstick print emojis. Also, keep using the winky face, tongue-out face, or drooling face emojis. Also, don’t freak out your boyfriend at the very start. What some girls do is directly send something way beyond the initial stages. Here are some examples of how to talk dirty on the phone to guy examples:

  1. “If I was there in your bed, sleeping. What would you do with me?”
  2. “You know I can’t concentrate on my work when I get distracted thinking of you. So this is the last warning to stop distracting me at work. Otherwise, you will get a punishment next time we meet.”
  3. “I know you are having a hard time without me, like a tough time. I may be good luck in your life. If you wish, I will be there to give a hand or something special to you.”
  4. “I don’t know how to sing. But I could moan well till you get pleasure.”
  5. “Do you know when I do when I come out of the bathroom? I call you to listen to your voice. Everything is secondary in my life, even my clothes. Oh, I am still not wearing anything!”
  6. “Do you know what I need right now? You, to apply sunscreen on my body! You have to wait for me a while after applying sunscreen. As I will need your help again in removing my bikini!”
  7. “Bring some strawberries and whipped cream. As I need you in the dessert after having my dinner!” 
  8. “I know how you feel about me. Could you tell the dirtiest thing you have imagined about me?”
  9. “Have your dinner and stay relaxed as tonight we will try some freaky things.”
  10. “Tonight am all yours. You feel me on your body, and I will feel you inside me. In our dreams! Promise me you will.”

Final Wording from Author

With this, we end freaky things to say to your boyfriend. According to you in the comment below, don’t forget to tell the freakiest things to do to a man. We hope you will love to use these freaky quotes for him during s*xting. We will be back with some freaky things to say to your girlfriend also. Till then, keep reading and also follow us on Instagram for more such posts.

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