Family Feud Questions and Answers-That Will Make You Speechless!

Family Feud Questions and Answers

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Based on the classic game show, boost the fun of your next family game night by hosting your family feud questions and answers! Even though Family Feud has been a staple of our TVs for centuries, these Family Feud questions and answers for 2021 game nights will have everyone laughing and having a wonderful time.

What Is Family Feud & How Does It Work?

Typically, Family Feud puts two families or teams against one another to accurately guess the most common replies to Family Feud survey questions to win!

Each time a team correctly predicts an answer, it earns a set amount of points equal to the number of polled persons who offered that response. Therefore, if 36 individuals said their favorite pet was a cat and your team correctly predicted “cat,” you would get 36 points. The team that scores 300 points first wins!

How to Have a Family Feud Game Night at Home

Many families choose to flip their chairs or sofas around to face the other side when it comes to setup. Following that, choose a host and assign them to the front with a scorecard and the Family Feud questions. Your team must have the same number of members, so if your family is odd-numbered, choose a parent to distribute the questions!

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Additionally, ensure that you have something to serve as a buzzer before you begin your game! They might come from a free app or even a noisy dog toy.

Here are the Family Feud game night rules:

Rule No. 1:

Each squad should choose a Team Captain. Then, invite each Team Captain to the front of the room, each with a buzzer. Following that, the presenter reads the first question aloud.

Rule No. 2:

Following that, the Team Captains compete to be the first to press their buzzer and answer the question. The first Team Captain to push the buzzer gets five seconds to provide an answer from the Family Feud questions and answers sheet. If the first Team Captain cannot give an accurate response, the second Team Captain can guess.

Rule No. 3:

The team whose Captain correctly answers the question first gets to play this round of the game. If they do want, they may deny the other team the opportunity to play the match. The team that elects to participate in this round has the opportunity to estimate the remaining top answers to the question.

Rule No. 4:

Each team member can respond one by one until they have discovered all of the answers or have obtained three incorrect replies (or strikes). During the round, the team receives three strikes, and each wrong response counts as one strike. When a group provides an accurate response, the host adds the appropriate points (Important note: the correct attributes for each answer are listed in parentheses next to the answer).

Rule No. 5:

When a team has used all three strikes, the turn is handed to the second team. The second team is given one opportunity to provide one of the best responses to the topic. If they succeed, they will take all of the opposing team’s points from that round, thereby winning it.

Rule No. 6:

If the opposing team fails, the first team earns all of the round’s points. After the round, the host should total the points made by each team and record them on the scorecard.

Rule No. 7:

To begin the second round, each team must send a fresh member to the front of the room to prepare for the next question.

Family Feud Fast Money Round and Questions

After the game, a Fast Money round is held in which one family gets the opportunity to answer five final questions for an extra 300 points. Consider it a bonus round for the winning team; thus, it is entirely up to you whether to play this particular round after your Family Feud game night or not.

If you decide to include it, you may use any remaining Family Feud survey questions and answers—you do not need particular Fast Money questions to play.

Now that you’re familiar with the game’s rules and how to play, use our Family Feud questions and answers to organize your game night!

Funny Family Feud Questions and Answers List

1. Describe a house that you would never want to live in. 

Haunted House 

2. What Is Related to Vampires? 


3. What Might a Baker’s Wife Be Called at a Bakery? 


4. Describe an item in a person’s closet that is only worn on sp


5. What Would You Ask the Wizard for If You Could Travel to Oz? 


6. Consider a product or service for which you may see a commercial during a baseball game.


7. Tell Me A Rhyming Word That Means “Election.”

Selection or Erection

8. When you go into a bathroom, what color do you want to avoid seeing in the toilet bowl? 


9. If Your Dog Escaped, What Would You Be Surprised He Took With Him?

The Cat

10. What Do You Keep in Your Car for Emergency Use? 

Money/Coins or Food/Water or First Aid Kit or Spare Tire 

Family Feud Questions and Answers with Points

11. Name An Occasion For Which You Might Wear Your Lucky Underwear

Hot Date

12. Describe an item that you may find on a breakfast buffet.

Eggs or Bacon

13. If There Was A Store That Sold Only Husbands, Then How Would Most People Purchase One? 


14. Provide an example of a professional sport where players earn a substantial sum of money.

Football or Baseball or Basketball

15. What Would You Do If the Passenger Next to You on an Airplane Had B.O.

Change Seats, Cover Nose/Mask

16. What is the name of Marvel’s Avengers

The answer may vary depending on interest and age group.

17. In Horror Films, name a location where teenagers congregate where a serial killer is always on the loose.


18. Consider a state with a large number of sports teams.

The answer may vary depending on different factors

19. Consider Something That Might Give Snowmen Nightmares

Sun/Beach Weather

20. Identify a Frequently Used Candy Bar Component


Family Feud questions and answers for adults

21. Name a location where a wife would be enraged if her husband took her there on her anniversary.

Tacky Restaurant

22. Specify the kind of insurance you are referring to. 

may vary

23. What would a Woman with a Crush on Santa leave out for him instead of cookies? 

Candy/Better Food 

24. Describe a purchase you would make after your engagement. 


25. Consider Something That Might Contain Holes.

Swiss Cheese

26. Apart from letters, what else do people get in the mail?

Junk Mail/Ads

27. Give an example of anything a naughty child does to Santa.

Pulls His Beard

28. Give the name of a country with a large population. 


29. What Might a Squirrel Fight With If It Tried to Take His Nuts 


30. Describe a kind of building that seems to be always cold. 

Doctor Office

Family feud questions and answers for party

31. Describe a practice that people engage in with their armpits

Shave/Wax Them

32. Describe an event that would lead you to believe your new home is haunted 


33. Describe an object that grows faster than you want it to.


34. What Might Be Brewing Coffee? 


35. Give an example of a Job That Begins with the Letter “J.”


36. What Have You Noticed Your Neighbor Doing Outside While Dressed in a Bathrobe?

Getting Newspaper

37. Think of a word that begins with the letter “Chow..”

Chow Mein 

38. Specify Something That Is Required to Be Licked


39. When You Call in Sick to Work or School, Describe an Action You Take to Make Your Case Credible


40. Describe a task that requires the use of your lips.


41. Specify an animal that a snake is capable of swallowing. 

Rat/Mouse Whole 

42. Provide an Alternative Term for “Woman”


43. Describe anything outside that would make you want to stay inside: Correct Answer: Inclement weather/tornado

Inclement weather/tornado

44. Identify a characteristic of Mickey Mouse that other mice could mock

Gigantic Ears

45. “Raging “?


46. Describe anything that rattles, shakes, and rolls like an old car 

A Rattlesnake/Toy

47. Describe an animal beginning with the letter “C” that you would NEVER eat.


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