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drinking game questions

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Let’s assume you are in a group and everyone around you is drunk. You all are perfectly ready for drinking game questions. And the reason why we think you are ready is that laughing about daily stresses is all we need. With truth or drink questions, you can get some of the darkest secrets of someone. This is very crucial among friends who drink together to have a brief about each other’s life. Research has shown that friends who drink together are more likely to stay friends forever.

These drinking game questions would help you to make your friends say their dirtiest secrets. For more, you can check out some of the truth or dare dirty questions in the last game to spend some naughty time together. With various drinking game questions, including dirty, funny, and +18, you can spend some unforgettable time with your best friends, between the special two or Couple. You can also host this game as Mr and Mrs drinking game questions and take the game to a brutal and paranoia level special.

Rules before Starting Playing Drinking Game Questions

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  1. Before starting the game, you must be aware of the drinking rules in your city, state, and country. And it would help if you were of legal age for drinking.
  2.  Sit together as drinking is a thing you can’t do online. Even if you try to play drinking game questions online, it would be the strongest. 
  3. Once you are set with the above two rules and persons playing this game, don’t forget to ask for choices of drinks. You can place different drinks on the table like Vodka, gin, baijiu, shōchū, soju, tequila, rum, whisky, brandy, and singani etc. If you have a friend who is not drinking or not of legal drinking age, you can give him some non-alcoholic drinks because the drinking game question is not about drinking but about enjoying drinking with friends.
  4. Every glass is different from each others. For example, you can’t tell someone to drink vodka in beer glasses. So, make sure you are consuming in appropriate glasses for drinks everyone prefers. 
  5. If you want to save from rule no. 3 and 4, then place a well-branded whiskey as this is a mediator between vodka and bees like drinks.
  6. Start the question game and ask questions one by one in around. But who doesn’t want to give an answer would be drinking one glass.
  7. Don’t forget to get out of the game if you are too drunk.
  8. The last person in the game or the previous two people drinking together at the end would be the winner.

Drinking Game Questions Funny Edition

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1. What’s your biggest turn-off on a first date?

2. What’s the dating partner who never came for a second date?

3. Have you ever slapped a partner’s butt in public?

4. Have you done some powder or dry opiate.

5. Have you ever dated a married one for fun?

6. How many people in the room would you be willing to kiss?

7. Have you ever lied in drinking game questions?

8. Have you ever played Truth or Dare game questions with a partner?

9. How do you prefer to have s#x: with or without protection?

10. Have you ever imagined someone else while in bed with someone?

11. Have you ever thought of slapping your boss or your professor?

Drinking Game Questions Dirty Edition

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If you all have already 4 bottles down, then change the questions. And move to drink game questions dirty edition. Once you move to a dirty question, you can know who is dirty and keen among your friends. So without wasting your time, here are some dirty questions for a drinking game:

  1. Have you ever sneaked at a couple having their private time moments?
  2. Do you check out other girls while being with your partner?
  3. Have you ever had a guilty pleasure for cheating on your partner?
  4. Would you rather catch your partner cheating you or get caught while cheating them?
  5. How did you feel after the first breakup?
  6. Would you rather keep your relationship secret from all or tell your friends about your partner?
  7. Have you felt like a pervert?
  8. What was the worst drinking experience?
  9. What’s the biggest lie in your relationship?
  10. Have you ever gone to your partner’s home in the middle of the night?
  11. Do you think your partner is hot enough to turn on anyone?

Drinking Game Questions +18 Edition

Here we have some of the excellent Drinking game questions with the +18 edition. By the +18, we don’t mean that you must be of 18 years. But +18 here tells about who is mature enough for drinking, relations, shit management in life. So, check out who is still mumma’s boy or daddy’s angel and a dark horse in early ages. So, without further ado here are some drinking game questions +18 edition.

  1. Have you ever hooked up with an age gap of 7+/- years?
  2. Have you ever closed your eyes while kissing someone?

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  1. If you had a chance to hook up with anyone from the world, whom would you choose?
  2. Have you ever named your crush while hooking up with another one?
  3. Have you ever hooked up by paying money or getting paid for a hookup?
  4. What was the age when you first had s#x?
  5. Have you ever had s#x with your crush in your dreams which makes you hard and up?
  6. Have you ever stolen someone’s partner?
  7. Have you ever hid inside your room so that your partner would go without you?
  8. Have you ever dated someone and later found out how annoying they are in reality and why did you choose them as a partner?
  9. Have you ever stolen something from a store and didn’t pay for it?

Drinking Game Questions for Friends

This is the much-awaited part of the game. And all of you were scrolling through the page to find some good Drinking game questions for friends. After all, friends are those who taught us how to drink. One would be that friend with whom we all got our first hangover. The one who gave us lime water in the morning. So, why would we forget to play drinking game questions for friends with them? We already know our friends, let’s see if we still have a mystery between all.

  1. Have you ever thrown a gift in the trash?
  2. Have you ever hooked up with someone just before a family gathering or function?
  3. Have you ever checked your partner’s phone?
  4. Have you ever been in a situation where you can only escape by flirting skills?
  5. Have you ever f*CK someone on their birthday?
  6. Have you ever bought any +18 merchandise or membership?
  7. Have you ever kissed someone with chewing gum in their mouth?

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  1. Have you ever been caught drinking and driving?
  2. Have you ever seen yourself as guilty?
  3. Tell me about a person you can’t forget for life except for your family?
  4. If you had a chance to hire a personal secretary, who would you hire and for what purpose?
  5. What was the most romantic thing which your partner had ever done for you?

Drinking Game Questions for Couples

Yes, couples can also play drinking games. Even if you don’t have many people surrounding you. Or just you and your partner. If you haven’t yet drunk or want to spice up your relationship with your partner, then try these drinking game questions for couples. This game could end up on a romantic night or a drunk and funny side. It wholly depends upon you where you want to end this. So, without wasting your time much, here are some drinking game questions for couples:

  1. What is something you have hiding from your partner but want to tell from the heart?
  2. Would you rather sleep with lights on or off?
  3. Have you thinking about your partner when they are not with you?
  4. Tell your partner about your all ex’s name.
  5. Would you rather love your partner for a long-distance or cheat with someone else near you.
  6. Have you ever played Drinking game Questions before?
  7. Have you ever told false information in a truth and dare game?
  8. Have you ever received a gift from an unknown person?
  9. Have you ever given your number to someone hot yet strange?
  10. Have you ever lied to your parents?

Final Wordings from Author

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