How to Impress a Girl?

How to impress a girl

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Do you feel like no one is near you tell how to impress a girl? Maybe all of your friends are single and also waiting for something magical to happen. But believe us, nothing magical would happen if you were just waiting for the girl to come and ask you for a date. So let’s make it clear that we would teach you how to impress a girl, whether your colleague, next-door neighbor, a common friend, classmate, or a random girl walking on the street. 

We would tell you some tips that would make her reactions from “such a pervert” to “OH MY GOSH.” Believe it or not, if you follow these tips, you will impress any girl within three months. Let’s first explain why we said it could take at least three months. Because any random girl whom you don’t know will not attract a random personality when meeting first. But if everything is fine and you are much better than a random guy, then a girl could think of you at least once before saying no or yes to you. 

Tips on how to impress a girl

1: Change your dress sense

We know you must have read this and know that girls get impressed with a good sense of dress. But some of you might not try that just because they could be much expensive than we think. We are not saying you to buy more and more and eventually fill your wardrobe with expensive clothes. We are saying you to dress appropriately. If you are thinking about that, you might find some shortcuts for how to start a conversation with a girl. Then you might be completely wrong on the topic.

For example, you currently have 2 or 3 pairs of shoes. One must be formal and the second must be sports shoes. You just have to invest in slightly good-quality shoes. One white snicker, second chukkas if you have less than 6 feet, and flat moccasins for those who have 6 feet and above height. 

Similarly, we would say you invest in 3 different pants. No matter how you look and what is your body size, these would look awesome on you. One is black jeans; second is black chino pants; third is light blue denim jeans. Moreover, get to some good brands in off-season sales. You would find some good deals to purchase. We still have much more to explore in our dressing sense overall to impress a girl.

2: Work on your body rather than following a girl

You will many people saying you to be polite while talking with a girl. But, we are saying a completely different thing here. You will not talk to a girl for these three months. Instead, you will spend this time making your body fit. Trust me, if you gave 100% on your body, then any girl will start noticing the change in your body. 

You have to go extreme in the first few days and make the first step towards the gym. If you successfully complete this phase of these three months, you will never stop for anything. No matter how much your weight is, you should be in perfect shape and BMI as we understand that most of you will be beginners. We suggest you go with a friend, who is regularly going to the gym. This would impact you on a hard start. Furthermore, you will need a friend for pushups, and other exercises as your trainer may not be standing with you all the time. 

3: Learn some personality development

When you read different articles about how to impress a girl, you would see different personality development tips, whether it is about Putting off the Introvert in you, respecting others, honesty or humor. These are all in a package of personality development. You don’t need to go somewhere for classes to learn personality development. And when your personality has physical and mental fitness, you would be automatically setting your standards. And this is thought no one would tell you about how to start a conversation with a girl. These will enhance your physical presence. So what do you understand with this point? Rather than searching for how to impress a girl, you would be searching for how to develop a strong personality or improve your personality.

4: Don’t try to be cheesy 

Most of the articles on how to impress a girl will tell you to compliment a girl. But don’t you think that all the girls out there whom you will compliment receive a lot of compliments daily. This is the real reason why you failed much time to impress a girl. Rather than complimenting her play “Let Me Guess” game. 

For example, Let me guess, you hate dogs. What is the fact here? You are not saying she hates dogs. Instead, you are just curious to know that is she hates dogs. Many of my non-vegetarian friends tried to ask many girls that does she love Non-Veg food. Their simple reply was they were vegetarian, vegan, or maybe non-vegetarian. But I tried to say a girl that let me guess. You hate non-veg. She smiled a little bit and said, you are a naughty man. So you learned from point number 4 that next time you would have some yes or no questions, then you would be using, let me guess. 

5: Try to make her feel extra and ordinary

Some of the articles show you how to make her feel special and extraordinary. But the girls don’t get impressed with these things. So then what you have to do, you would be pushing her that You are such a bad girl. Or you are not my type. What you would be doing here is pushing her by saying something hard which could pinch her inner soul. Girls met many guys who tried to be cheesy and feel extraordinary. But you would be different from them; you would point at her mistakes or overall personality and say that she is bad. This would eventually make her feel extra and ordinary. 

And you must be thinking about what would be happening with this. Some of you might think that girl might be slapping you. You may be right. But have you thought about what she could be feeling? She would be feeling impressed with your words and your personality. Might be chances that some girls will not love such things. That would be the case of only gold digger girls. So, we hope you will implement point number 5 in your life. 

6: Compare her with you and show yourself superior

You must have faced once in a life “I am not your type” or “you are not my type”. So, what is this, and how do girls feel their own medicine. Just like men faced this sentence, not this is your time. And if you have already worked on your body, you would be more comfortable saying such things. Now, whenever you are having a great conversation with her, and you have a slight chance of changing the topic to flirt. You could say I am way beyond your expectations. I am too bad for you. Do you know I have done that work? These all things will build an image in her mind. 

So, once you have compared her with you, then check her reactions. You could say that you were joking about that. This is sweet and sour about any relationship. And you might be missing these things in your relationship starter. What have you learned from points 4, 5, and 6? That you will not be an ordinary flirting guy. Rather you would play with her mind. These work for a very short time. You must be ready to take your relationship to the next level. If it gets late, then your girl might think that you flirt like this with everyone. She would stop taking you seriously from the next note. 

How to impress a girl with chatting?

Many of the guys out there complain about their nature that they can’t speak much with a girl. Some of the guys also say that they just met for a few hours and that they can’t impress in public places like classes and workplaces. TBH they don’t have enough time to impress any girl in person. So, they want to choose the easy way. And what’s easier than chatting. Many of you already know about cheesy, buttery, and sugar-dipped dialogues to send her to impress. But we wouldn’t be doing that over here. 

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10 Questions to Ask a Girl on chatting to impress her

1: You might not believe that you look more healthy in reality than in photos?

2: Why don’t you try bob cut? Would you look like Selena Gomez in that? 

3: Your music taste is very bad, don’t your ears blooded after listening to this song? ( You have to say this when she upload any music status) 

4: You must always be crying in your childhood, that’s why you have brown eyes. 

5: Why don’t you try drinking rum? This is too cold outside for a cold chick like you. 

6: Have you ever seen a penguin walking? That’s how you walk sometimes. 

7: Do you remember the last time when your parents were happy? Before your birth. 

8: Do your parents have some farmhouses and other properties? I hope they have. That’s why you have such an attitude. 

9: I have purchased 30 candles as your birthday is next month. 

10: Do you know I must be allergic to you? That’s why when you go I can’t breathe? 

What you understand with these questions, just be something original. Don’t try to be an aphid or a jerk. Girls don’t get impressed with such stupid questions that you get on other websites. And what we expect from you as a brother is don’t fall from your self-respect to impress a girl. 

Final Wording from Author

This was the end of how to impress a girl. We hope you have got things that impress a girl. Impressing a woman is an art, and you need to be the artist for impressing any random girl. We would like to add a simple sentence “You only live once” YOLO to end our words. Don’t try to do something which could affect you or make her feel too bad. 

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