Deez Nuts Joke

Deez Nuts Joke

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Are you tired up of cracking the same old jokes every day? Don’t worry, and we will tell you some awesome Deez Nuts Jokes. These jokes would be sufficient to make you and your dirty friends laugh and ROFL. But first of all, let’s tell you what the Deez nuts joke is. 

Deez Nuts Joke- Overview

Deez Nuts jokes are usually included some vulgar words. It has been in use since the 90s century in the USA. Dr. Dre had introduced us to this phrase “Deez Nuts”! It was a hip-hop song. But it became a trend when some tiktok creators used this among different videos. “Deez Nuts” refers to a man’s crown jewels, nuts, or testicles. So inserting the phrase “Deez Nuts” at random into discussions has become a viral trend on tiktok.

How does Deez Nuts Joke work for TikTok videos?

You need to go to your friend, roommate, or any person you think to victimize for Deez Nuts Joke. You have to start any random conversation with that person. And put this conversation to the climax with the word Dee when the person asks you who’s dee. Then you will be replying with a punchline of Deez nuts joke. Now you could try this kind of Deez nuts jokes on WhatsApp and Snapchat to your friends. Furthermore, go to your best friend or roommate and record their reaction while you crack Deez Nuts Joke for more fun.

How to Reply to Deez Nuts Joke?

We know that few of you have been victims of the Deez Nuts Joke Trend. And, this could be more uncomfortable for your reactions are on the internet. But you can’t be dumb or react with fake laughing. So, you need to don’t reply to them with who’s dee or something like kan who. This would save you from uncomfortable moments. 

Here are some punchlines to survive Deez nuts joke:

  1. You need to deliver fast next time. Otherwise, your Deez nuts would be in your mouth.
  2. Could you please explain Deez nuts in your mouth? What does this mean?
  3. Slow claps to the genuine Deez Nuts. 2 minutes of silence for nut.
  4. Look into his eyes and don’t say something. 
  5. Do you have nuts? Because I don’t think so.

Deez Nuts Joke Ideas

From a bit of confusion to finally understanding the joke and being angry. This is what you need to set up for your friends. Recording their reaction to Deez Nuts Joke Trend is such hard work for you. So you just set up your camera on your victim, and we will give you Deez Nuts Joke Ideas.

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Deez nuts joke 1

Father: Deez nuts joke is trending. What does it mean?

Boy: It’s ‘Nothing’

Father: You are my boyfriend. Couldn’t you tell me this?

Boy: I have said you Deez nuts means nothing.

Father: I am asking you last time. If you still hide meaning from me. Then I would never talk to you again.

Boy: nuts or testicles to be blunt.

Father gives him 4-5 tight slaps.

Boy: What did you get after hitting me.

Father: My nuts got some rest after hitting you.

Boy: This is what Deez nuts joke trend is. 

Father: Couldn’t you tell me about this before.

Deez nuts joke 2

Friend 1: You know, yesterday I met dee, he was asking about you.

Friend 2: Who is dee? I can’t remember.

Friend 1: Deez Nuts.

Deez nuts joke 3

I have an awesome card game. Do you want to play? 

Yeah sure, we could play around.

Let’s wait for dee first.

Who is dee now? 

Deez Nuts.

Deez nuts joke 4

I am in a problem, could you help me.

Yes, I would be glad to help you. 

I couldn’t concentrate on my work and everything when I was thinking about D.

Wait, what D are you talking about?

Deez Nuts

Deez nuts joke 5

Roses are red

Violets are blues

Let me allow,

To put my Deez Nuts inside you.

Deez nuts joke 6

Do you remember about our classmate whose name was with D?

Are you talking about Davis?

No, I am talking about Deez Nuts.

Deez nuts joke 7

Do you enjoy weekends more than weekdays?

No, but why are you asking me such a question?

Coz you would love when I put Deez nuts deep inside you on weekends.

Deez nuts joke 8

Did you eat non-veg, whose name starts with D last night?

Yeah, how did you get it?

Because D is written on your face.

What D!!!

Deez Nuts. 

Bofa Deez Nuts Jokes

1: Do you like watching old movies on CDs?

Victim: uh… yeah, sometimes.

I have some good CDs for you. See Deez Nuts.

2: Do you love eating honey on nuts?

Yeah, what to do with that?

You could put some honey from dick and eat honey Deez nuts.

3: Do you know I bought Bofa for you?

What… Bofa??

Yeah, Bofa Deez Nuts.

4: Do you know what does a BofA said to a nut?

Bofa Deez nut.

5: Do you know what happens with Afghanistan?

No, I don’t.

Taliban put Bofa Deez nuts in Afghanistan. Just like I did you.

6: Do you still in touch with D? 

Who is D?? 

Deez Nut.

7: Do you like Alizée?

Yeah sure.

How about a pair of Alizée Deez Nuts.

8: Do you know what comes in pairs?

What/ wait?

Deez Nuts.

Final Wording from Author

With this, we are going to end Deez nuts joke. We hope you have the best Deez nuts jokes for your friends. If you all love this, then we will be back with some awesome Candice nuts joke. PersuadeEd offers you tips and tricks for conversation. If you are a trend geek and want to know more about such topics, follow us on Instagram for new articles and information.

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