Dark Female Names to Spark Up Your Baby Girl’s Nametexts to Make Him Think About You

Dark Female Names

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Did you and your partner have blessed with a baby girl just now? That’s why you’re here to find out some dark female names. To reach out to the issue well, we will try our convey some of the best dark female names. And the best way to search and give a name to a girl is by finding some of the exciting names which have some dark meaning behind the name. 

This is the list of dark female names for you if you like all things witchy, evil, and maybe even a touch Gothic. These lovely yet dark female names draw influence from various cultures, including the Irish and hobbit.

When you go on a hunt to search for some of the dark female names, you search for the originality and meaning of the name. We will try to put some names which are not so common in the United States. From Yassmine to Maya to Linah, you would get an idea of different names and different cultures. One thing which you are going to find out on PersuadeEd is 100% originality. 

Dark female names that have a relation with nature

  1. Yassmine: Yassmine is an Arabic name. The meaning of Yasmine is ‘a flower named jasmine’ or ‘jasmine flower.’
  2. Maya: Maya is a greek word. Maya means “good mother,” Some people also spell this as Maia.
  3. Linah: “Sunray” means the name Linah, which is a Norman and Greek baby girl name.
  4. Paula: Slang for lady Paul that refers to someone little or humble.
  5. Trisha: The meaning of the name Trisha is “noble” in the English language. PATRICIA is shortened to PATRICIA. Desire, Thirst” is a Hindi name as well.
  6. Theresa: The name Theresa means “to harvest” in Spanish, Greek, and Portuguese.
  7. Yvette: Yvette has French origins and is a feminine name. Yvette means ‘yew’ or ‘archer,’ depending on your perspective. The name is said to be a feminine version of the French surname Yves.
  8. Lillian: Lillian is the Symbol of innocence, purity, beauty.
  9. Kathryn: Kathryn is a greek word. Kathryn means “pure,” Kathryn is a girl’s name with the Greek meaning “pure.” It is a variant of Katherine.
  10. Carol: Carol, as the dark female name, has the historical meaning of “strong or manly.” also includes. Carl’s feminine equivalent, Joy, is also in use.
  11. Heather: A flowering evergreen plant that grows in Scotland’s peaty desolate areas, Heather means “heather” in English. 
  12. Thelma: The name Thelma, which means “One who is ambitious and willful,” is used by both genders. The name Selma is pronounced similarly, but the two names are distinct.

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Dark, mysterious names for a female

  1. Mildred: Mildred is a greek word. Mildred means “gentle strength,.” Some people also spelled this as Maia.
  2. Gloria: In English, Gloria is an anglicized version of the Latin given name gloriae, which means “immortal glory.”
  3. Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a Hebrew baby name taken from the Bible. When it first appeared, it was defined in Hebrew as “God is my oath” in the Old Testament of the Bible.
  4. Frances: Frances is a Latin-derived French and English given name. ‘Free one’ is the Latin meaning of the name Frances.
  5. Elaine: Elaine is a Greek word. Elaine means “shining light.”
  6. Bonnie: Bonnie is an Australian word. Bonnie means “pretty, attractive, cheerful.”
  7. Sherri: According to its American origin, Sherri means ‘darling.’ According to its French origins, this name likewise means “beloved one” and comes from the while meadow. Because of her Hebrew heritage, Sherri might mean “beloved,” “lovely,” or perhaps just “fertile plain.”. 
  8. Sierra: Sierra is at the top for dark female names as well as a surname. Since the term means “saw” or “mountain range,” it connotes both power and a firm sense of grounding. It’s from northern Spain, namely Galicia and Asturias.
  9. Gayle: Gayle is an English name meaning joy of the father.’ The modern spelling of the Middle English name Gale, which comes from the Norman’ gail’ (meaning “cheerful” or “jovial”). Initially, it was an abbreviation for Abigail.
  10. Phoebe: It is the dark female names version of the male name Phoebus, an epithet of Apollo meaning “bright,” “shining.” Phoebe is pronounced /fibi/ FEE-bee. When it came to Greek mythology, the Titan Phoebe was linked to both the moon and the power of prophecy.
  11. Bethany: Bethany is dark female names that mean “house of welcome” or “house of figs.” Bethany, a village in Jerusalem at the foot of the Mount of Olives, was the home of Lazarus in the New Testament, and hence the name has Biblical roots. The name Bethania comes from the Greek.
  12. Amy: Amy is a French word. Amy means “beloved” or “well-loved.” Derived from the Latin word amare, meaning “to love.” Pronounced: Ay mee.

Psychopath and Dark Names Female

  1. Elvira: Elvira is a Gothic word. Elvira means “all true”, “trustworthy”, “foreign” or “carefree.” 
  2. Mona: Mona is an Italian word. Mona means “noble or aristocratic.”
  3. Erica: Erika, Erica, and Erika are all variations of Eric, which comes from the Old Norse name Eirkr, which is pronounced Er-KR in Eastern Scandinavia. Many people think it means “sole ruler, monarch” or “eternal ruler, ever powerful.”
  4. Rachel: It’s a French metronymic derived from Rachel’s Hebrew name, meaning “ewe.” Rachael is the name of the biblical character who was married to Jacob and gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin.
  5. Nancy: One of the top dark female names is Nancy. When referring to somebody named Ann or Anne, it’s also a nickname for them.
  6. Deanna: Deanna has Dark female names which have Latin roots. Deanna has the connotations of ‘fecundity’ and ‘divinity,’ respectively. The name is a play on Diana, the Roman goddess of fertility and divinity, who was also known as the Moon Goddess. The derived name, however, means ‘God is my salvation in Hebrew.
  7. Zena: Zena is a Dark female name of Russian origin. Zena’s meaning is guest, stranger; the life of Zeus. 
  8. Patricia: Patricia is a frequently used female given name that derives from the Latin language. Dark female names version of Patrick’s male given name, Patricia, comes from the Latin word patrician, which means “noble.”
  9. Jackie: Jackie is very famous among Latin dark female names. Jackie means “may God protect,” “holder of the heel,” “supplanter” and “Yahweh is gracious.”
  10. Mary: When naming a child, the Dark female names like Mary comes from the Hebrew name Miriam. A term meaning “bitter” or “rebellious” may have given rise to the name Miriam, alluding to the biblical figure Miriam’s time as a slave in Egypt.
  11. Theresa: The name Theresa means “to harvest” in Spanish, Greek, and Portuguese. Although Theresa’s origins remain a mystery, it has been popular across Europe, notably in the forms Theresa, Teresa, and Therese, for centuries.
  12. Philomena: Philomena is a greek word. Philomena words name is powerful love.

Final Wording from Author

With this, we are at the end of Dark female names. To sum up, our words, let’s tell you the top 10 dark female names in a row. Absinthe, Annie, Bella, Belladonna, Blair, Buffy, Carrie, and Clarice were our favorite dark female names. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and tell other’s what female name you chose for your daughter. We will be right back till then keep loving and reading!

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