Cute Spanish Nicknames for Girlfriend

cute spanish nicknames for girlfriend

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Most of the guys don’t actually know how to show love to their girlfriend. Here is a tip for you all to check some cute Spanish nicknames for girlfriend. This will not only gave you some sweet memories but will also be remarkable for her. This will help you tell her how special she is to you. For example, let’s assumer your girlfriend’s name is Jennifer. So, how many Jennifer you find in your own city. Your answer would be a lot. What if you call her by a cute Spanish nickname that you and your girlfriend knows. No one else in the world calls her by that name. Moreover, you wouldn’t be saying that your girlfriend’s name is not so particular again. How’s the idea? We hope you just got our point. So, let’s get started with cute Spanish nicknames for girlfriends.

Nicknames for Girlfriend in Spanish

1: Mi alma

The first cute Spanish nicknames for girlfriend is Mi Alma. You could start flirting with your girlfriend with a Spanish word like Mi Alma. Mi alma is a Spanish word that means My soul in English. You could say Mi Alma while introducing her to your friends and family. Like, “Meet mi alma.” Your friends wouldn’t be repeating that name as no one has the same relation as you, and your girlfriend would be flat with that word.

2: Amanda

First of all, let’s tell you the meaning of Amanda, which is a cute Spanish nicknames for girlfriend. Amanda means beloved or lady-love. When you are arguing with your girlfriend. And you find your girlfriend winning the argument; then it’s better to declare her to win. So, how would you do this with Amanda? You could say, “comprender Amanda.”

3: Gordito/a

If you think your girlfriend eats a lot and is still slim, you could tease her by saying gordito. Gordito is a Spanish nickname for girlfriend, which means little fatty. It will be a sweet gesture for her if you look into her private things like her weight. The last tip just is sweet while saying gordito. For example, she is having her lunch too fast; you can use gordito.

4: Bomboncita

The fourth cute Spanish nicknames for girlfriend is Bombonicta. The term “bombon,” which means candy, inspired the name. The diminutive suffix -ita emphasizes the candy’s tiny size or attractiveness. When used as a nickname for your girlfriend in the same way you would say “sweetie,” Bomboncita means “little candy.” You can use this when your girlfriend has a small height, like 5’4″ or shorter. So, this is basically a flirting tip that relates to her height. If she is too conscious about her height, you can avoid saying this.

5: Cariño

We hope you have used honey and darling for your girlfriend. But do you know how to say honey in Spanish? Carino is the word that means honey. Using the same old word can be boring. To spice up your relationship with your girlfriend, try something new. And this would be using some of the nicknames for girlfriend in Spanish.

6: Chula

Let’s now move to romance from cute Spanish nicknames for girlfriend. This name has literary connotations of coolness, cuteness, and all-around pleasantness. Despite its widespread usage, it is only found in Spain and portions of Latin America. It has a sour and dated ring to it when used in certain Spanish situations. Calling your girlfriend Chula is more of a flirtatious way of expressing your admiration for her.

7: Mi Cielito

This name means “my little sky” in poetry. It also means “my little paradise” when used in this way. Most often, it’s used with children, but it may also be employed with romantic partners. As a result, addressing your partner as “my Cielito” will improve your relationship. Also, it may be utilized as a way to express affection between the two of you. If your girlfriend is your world and sky, then be creative this time with a new nickname for girlfriend in Spanish.

8: Conejita

You must have seen girls with sharp teeth or who are fast enough like rabbits. On the above, the red blush on their cheeks makes you remember rabbits. If you have guessed the meaning of Conejia is a rabbit, then you are right. In Spanish, a conejita is a rabbit. It may also refer to a lady who is known for her prodigious output. If you call it conejita, it’s less likely to be seen as insulting, but you’re more likely to hear “rabbit chick” instead.

9: Mi Corazon

We hope you have loved your girlfriend from your heart. Everyone does the same thing. Try something new with cute Spanish nicknames for girlfriend. For example, sweetheart is a very cute name to say to your girlfriend. Alternatively, just type “Corazon” to send the same message. If you call your girlfriend by this term, it’s like calling her your sweetie or something.

10: Papi chulo 

So, you must find the word Papi Chulo cute for nicknames. Yes, this is why this is on the list of Cute Spanish Nicknames for girlfriend. This is probably a song you’ve already heard. The word papi, although deriving from the word papá, has far broader use. A “mac daddy” is what this one is called in English.

11: Hermosa

Yeah, we know every time your girlfriend asks you how she is looking, you say beautiful. You can use nicknames for girlfriend in Spanish this time. For example, you could say you are looking Hermosa. This word just means “beautiful,” but it may also be used as a pseudonym for someone who is attractive in some way. Bonita and Bella are synonyms that imply the same thing.

12: Querido

Querido is a romantic and physical term that refers to the same person. For example, “Mi amigo más Querido” translates as “my closest buddy” in a phrase like this: Like cario, it may be used by either gender and always ends in “o,” never in “a.”.

13: Reina

Literature’s term “Princesa” refers to the female monarch, while Reinita denotes the young female monarch. Make your girlfriend feel special by calling her one of these names. Some may think of these as “girl” names or “lady” names, but they’re perfect for any woman.

You may call her “mi Reina,” which means “my queen,” if you want. And, without a doubt, it’s for a good reason. Only “rein de corazones,” the “queen of hearts,” can surpass this honor.

14: Mi Sol

This time we have romantic yet cute Spanish nicknames for girlfriend. So, if you have a girlfriend who is your world, then Mi Sol is just perfect for you. So, she’s the brightest star in your world, and I’m her son. So tell me, what lady wouldn’t want that?

15: Chocho

The final choice for cute Spanish nicknames for girlfriend is a little risqué. In literary translation, it means pussy. It’s a slang term for female genitalia in Spanish. This name is given to a chick in the southern area of Spain. The Gaditano dialect pronounces it as “shosho.” The “chochete,” which is a smaller, tastier version, is better for usage on your lady.

Final Wording from Author

In the end, we can only say that giving a nickname is a matter of choice for you. We all have a mindset. If you say everyone would name or like the same name, this is not possible for anyone. Moreover, prefer words that are sweet in saying as well as listening. If you have any other cute Spanish nicknames for girlfriend, which are not listed here, then you can comment below the post. For further information or to ask your question, you can come to our Instagram post. 

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