85+ Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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Let’s get some cute questions to ask your boyfriend. When you have spent much time with your boyfriend, you don’t have anything new in life. To make a balance between your life and relationships is a huge task. And with these questions to ask, you can make your relationship with your boyfriend reach a new turn. Whether you live in the same room or have a long-distance relationship, you both will enjoy these questions. 

  1. Do you find my eyes deep and beautiful?
  2. Do you prefer to see me with makeup or without makeup?
  3. If a thing or creature could show how much you love me, then what would be it?
  4. If our photo is on the front page of a newspaper, why would it be?
  5. If you had a blindfold on and had to guess me from 100 people, how would you recognize me?
  6. What is the first thing you notice in the morning?
  7. Do you have a pet phrase that people find very disturbing, but you enjoy it?
  8. What makes you different from other boys?
  9. What would you do if I kissed you?
  10. What would you do if our parents caught us in a relationship and forced us to marry somewhere else?
  11. What kind of relationship do you like to have with me, a long-distance or live in a relationship?
  12. What do your friends think of when we are together in front of them?
  13. After a date when we leave our rooms, what do you do first?
  14. If you get my marriage invitation, would you come?
  15. If you had a chance to go on a trip with friends, but I say not to go, will you go?

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend over text

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend over text

Girls find it too cute when their boyfriend messages us at night with “Hey sweetie.” But this interest fades up with a time when you are taking naps in between. Because we don’t have something which could keep them awake, they don’t find the chat something new or exciting. You could take these texts to a new level with these cute questions to ask. Try these cute questions to ask your boyfriend over text. 

  1. Are you sleeping in a blanket or without a blanket?
  2. If you could go in the future, what would you like to see first?
  3. What was our most vulnerable moment together?
  4. Kiss on the cheeks or a passionate kiss on the lips?
  5. What do you prefer, a kiss or just holding hands?
  6. What would you have done if I hadn’t been the way you expected your girlfriend to be?
  7. Do you adore children or puppies?
  8. How many children do you desire?
  9. Is there anything amusing about our relationship?
  10. How many times a day do I tell you, “I love you”?
  11. What would you do if the candles suddenly went out during our romantic candle-light dinner?
  12. What is one item you’d want to try tonight?
  13. Have you ever fantasized about me in your fantasies before the proposal?
  14. What will you do if I tell you to propose to me differently?
  15. Is there anything you think our connection is missing?
  16. What makes my body so appealing?

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him better

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him better

Different influences aren’t required when a connection is already adorable and sensitive. But, on the other hand, if you want to raise your cuteness score, we can help you. Well! For your convenience, we’ve prepared a list of more than 15 fun questions to ask your partner. Discover the secrets of your relationship in a whole new light. Try these cute questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him better. 

  1. How do you react when we don’t meet for a month?
  2. Do you like it when I take your name on the phone or in-person?
  3. Which celebrity couple is the most admired by you?
  4. Do you like it when others refer to you as “my boyfriend”?
  5. What distinguishes us from each other in a relationship?
  6. Have you ever imagined that we’d be going so long in a relationship?
  7. Can you confess a lie which you told me in the past?
  8. How do you feel when someone sees hickey marks on your neck or hands?
  9. What part of your body do you want me to kiss?
  10. Do you remember the date when you had your first kiss?
  11. Have you ever kissed with eyes open and wild?
  12. When was the first time you had your first crush?
  13. Who is your favorite person among friends and family? Name any three?
  14. What is the thing that you remember most about your childhood?
  15. What do you do when you miss me, and I am not picking your calls?

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend about the future

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend about the future

If you have not yet thought about how many kids you would like to have. Or things like what car you are going to purchase. Then read these cute questions to ask your boyfriend about the future. We hope you will love these questions. 

  1. What will you call me after marriage? Tell me a sweet nickname?
  2. If you had to choose between your passion or a corporate job in the future, what would you choose?
  3. Do you prefer handwritten letters or typed long text messages?
  4. Tell me about a thigh you have never purchased, but you used many times?
  5. If we got married to each other and the devil comes and asks you to let your wife die, what would you do?
  6. If you had to leave everything beyond you after marriage, would you do that? 
  7. What have you done in the past but not doing today and want to do in the future?
  8. If I got blind, would you still love me?
  9. If you had a chance to be in an extramarital affair with me, would you?
  10. What would you name our first kid?
  11. How many kids would you have with me?
  12. What could be the reason for an acute fight after our marriage?
  13. If you had a chance to know any of the three dates: marriage, my death, and your death, what would you know?
  14. Would you want to do everything together once you are married?
  15. Do you think that love can exist without physical intimacy?
  16. If you met 7 of my lookalikes, how would you recognize me?
  17. If you have to swap between your lookalike who has rich and casanova, would you do it?

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Cute questions to ask your boyfriend on TikTok

Cute questions to ask your boyfriend on tiktok

We recently saw “question I get asked” TikTok trends. And how could we forget to follow the trend? If you have a friend who has a boyfriend, You want to ask her about her boyfriend, then here you will find a variety of questions. Or maybe you want to ask these questions to your boyfriend on TikTok secretly. Even if you are interested in answering these questions with your boyfriend in a TikTok video, it would be a superb idea. Try these cute questions to ask your boyfriend on TikTok. 

  1. What is the secret you are hiding from us?
  2. Have you changed after being in a relationship?
  3. What is your age, and what does your family suppose about your relationship?
  4. Was it difficult for you to accept your relationship?
  5. What is the thing in your partner you hate but never told?
  6. Who would you tell first if you had to know about your relationship with your mom or your girlfriend’s mom? 
  7. If you had to choose between friends or a girlfriend, whom would you choose?
  8. What is your hidden talent that your partner doesn’t know?
  9. If you had to follow your partner’s passion in life, would you?
  10. What animal do you think your partner’s personality is?
  11. Would you rather take permission from parents or do a court marriage without permission?
  12. What was the most embarrassing moment with your partner?
  13. Have you ever done anything for your partner that you haven’t done before?
  14. Show us something that you learned from your partner?
  15. Being a lawyer who always lies or a doctor who can survive their patient, whom would you choose for a relationship?
  16. If you had to dump your partner with a colleague to save your job, would you?

[Bonus Question] 10 super cute questions to ask your boyfriend 

10 super cute questions to ask your boyfriend 
  1. Name a movie that made you cry in the ending?
  2. Name three things you learned from your past relationships?
  3. If you had to organize a perfect date, what would you do?
  4. Have you ever thought you were late in proposing to me?
  5. If you ever had to fight due to your habits, would you change them?
  6. What is the thing in you which makes you cute enough in your eyes?
  7. What makes you calm and happy?
  8. Have you ever borrowed a book and never returned it because you haven’t yet completed it or lost it?
  9. What is the thing which everyone says to you, but you don’t believe?
  10. Have you ever thought about spending your life without money, just you and me?

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