Compliments that start with P

Compliments that start with P

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Can you think of any word that starts with ‘P’ and works as a Compliment? Just like “Perfect” works in some cases. We believe that many words begin with ‘P.,’ But do you know how to match them with your sentences? How to make them more tempting in your everyday language? PersuadeEd will tell you all about using Compliments that Start with P. Also, we have a complete series of Letters’ A’ to Letter ‘P.’ That will soon reach the Compliments that start with ‘Z.’

Compliments that start with ‘P’ with its meaning

Many words start with ‘P,’ including Perfect, perky, personable, pretty, etc. Which we use in our daily life but what’s the need of learning Compliments that start with ‘P.’ Sometimes you want to make someone special using the exact words as their name’s first initials; or for your knowledge of Complimenting words that start with a unique letter.


Peaceful means calm and restful. We generally use friendly for scenes. Also, Peaceful is used for not being angry, violent.

  • Juhu beach at night-time is very peaceful.
  • Peaceful protest is always welcomed in politics.
  • You always seem to be a peaceful person.
  • You look peaceful and profound.


Perfect is used for expert or complete. We can use it for a person, place and for anything which looks perfect.

  • Today was a perfect day today.
  • I just had a perfect ride today.
  • The army is doing Perfect work for our country.

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When we look at Personable, it’s about a friendly person. It’s about a person who can easily talk to different persons and go for an outing.

  • She is a very Personable girl and made new friends in the new college.
  • You must feel personable; if you want to make new friends easily.
  • Our company can deliver you a highly personable experience.


  1. A scene; that looks like a picture.
  2. For looks, when looking charming.
  • This place always looks picturesque.
  • Vloggers make the journey picturesque.

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Placid is used for a location which is a calm atmosphere. It could be about a person who is not easily upset or excited.

  • Sukna lake at Chandigarh has a Placid scene.
  • That person has a placid disposition.


Playful could be used majorly for kids or persons with a lighthearted or fun nature.

  • Radhika has a kitten, and it is very playful.
  • He sometimes looks wired and all other time playful.
  • Models at this place are Playful and eye-catching.


It is used for social behavior that everyone appreciates. For a person who cares for another feeling.

  • She was very polite at starting but suddenly change her behavior towards me.
  • She politely pointed all mistakes one by one.
  • Rajesh’s kids are polite and charming.


It is used for a perfect combo of enjoyable, attractive, friendly, or easy to like.

  • I was in my pleasant dream when she called me.
  • A pleasant time was spend with her until she said bye to me.
  • In the office, it feels like a working atmosphere.

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