Compliments that start with O

Compliments that start with O

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When you compliment someone for their looks or qualities, there may be fewer chances that you use any words that start with ‘O’ as a compliment. Possibly it’s because people don’t have too many dictionaries of words that begin with ‘O. 

Although there are enough words to compliment someone/something that starts with ‘O.’

So today, we will mention words that start with ‘O,’ which you can use to compliment someone or something. 

We have made this series from Letter ‘A’ to letter ‘N’ till now, you can read them also. 

So let’s get started to know compliments that start with O.

Compliment words that start with O

Words like one-of-a-kind, odds-on, oomph, oracle, outdo, outfox, outwit, obedient, observant, omnipotent, open-hearted, open-minded, etc., can be used as a compliment. So let’s have a look at words with their meaning and sentences. 


Meaning – Someone or something which is unique or has unique qualities.

  • Your personality makes you a one-of-a-kind person. 
  • The way you talk makes you one-of-a-person. 
  • Your dog’s smile is one-of-a-kind.

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Meaning – Someone’s energetic, exciting quality. 

  • You show oomph in every work you do. 
  • Your voice has oomph. 
  • As you have the oomph for everything, I wish I had that.


Meaning – a person with great foresight and wisdom

  • You have wisdom and knowledge that demonstrate your oracle personality.
  •  Having an oracle personality like you among us is an honor.


Meaning – To be superior or surpass someone’s expectations.

  • The way you worked, you outdo everyone in the office. 
  • You seem to be able to outdo everyone in this game.


Meaning – Defeating someone by being more clever

  • You outfoxed him quite well.
  • I wish to be an outfox personality like you are. 

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Meaning – Defeating someone by their own intelligence.

  • It was impressive how you outwitted the entire team.
  • It was your last-minute outwit that won the debate.


Meaning – Someone who listens to commands or someone who is well-behaved.

  • I’ve never seen a person more obedient than you. 
  • I feel great working with such an obedient person. 
  • It looks like your dog is very obedient to you. 


Meaning – Someone who is good at observing or noticing things.

  • I wish I could be as observant as you. 
  • No one can be more observant than you. 
  • Your observant personality is an advantage for our school.


Meaning – Someone or something very powerful, like a god.

  • Your work makes you omnipotent in the office. 
  • Everyone considers you to be omnipotent in football.
  • Your son is an omnipotent mathematician.

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Meaning – Straightforward or candid person

  • What I like about you is how open-hearted you are. 
  • You stand out for your open-hearted attitude.
  • Your daughter is open-hearted towards everyone. 


Meaning – Willingness to try new things 

  • I like how open-minded you are. 
  • It’s great to have someone as open-minded as you on board.
  • I wish I could be as open-minded as you are when it comes to new things.


Meaning – Someone with positive attitude for future or upcoming things

  • It’s great that you are an optimistic person. 
  • I’ve never seen an optimistic reason like you. 
  • Your optimistic attitude is the reason for our success. 

Bottom Line

So these were compliments that start with ‘O’ There can be many other words like out-of-this-world, outreach, outstanding, overcome, overjoyed, etc., which you can also use to compliment others. 

Please let us know in the comments what you think of this article. 

Thank you for reading!

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