Compliments that start with ‘L’

Compliments that start with 'L'

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What can be better a better word than ‘Love’? I think their no word better than Love to express your feelings for anyone. Like ‘Love,’ there are many words that start with the letter ‘L,’ and you can compliment or express your feelings through these words. 

In this article, we had mentioned those words that start with ‘L’ and which you can use to compliment someone. Till now, we had made such articles from letter A to K. You can also read those articles from our website!

So now, let’s get started!

1) Laid-Back 

Laid-back is slang used for someone or something relaxed or easy-going. Compliments with Laid-Back can be – 

  • You have a laid-back lifestyle.
  • I’m happy that you’re living a more laid-back lifestyle now that you worked hard at an early age.
  • I wish I could live a laid-back life like you. 
  • Everyone is laid-back when you play your music.

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2) Lambent 

Lambent means brilliant, bright, or something is having a gentle flow or luminous. It is mainly used in the sense of light; it can also be used for a person. Compliments with Lambent can be –

  • Your lambent writing skills are flawless; they enlighten our minds and hearts.
  • The dress you are wearing is lambent, and it reflects your personality
  • It seems like your future is like a lambent light. 

3) Larruping 

Larruping is a word used for excellent or delicious food. Compliments with Larruping can be –

  • That food you made looks absolutely Larruping. 
  • It would be an honor to taste your larruping food. 

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4) Laudable 

Laudable is used for any action or idea that deserves praise or commendation. Compliments with Laudable can be –

  • It’s a laudable effort you’ve made.
  • I’m proud of you for doing this laudable work. 
  • It is laudable that your son won the trophy. 
  • Keep on the laudable work you are doing. 

5) Loyal 

Loyal means to show faithfulness towards a person or something. It is used in the context of living people. Compliments with Loyal can be –

  • I’ve never seen a loyal person like you.
  • One day you will become manager for your loyalty towards the company. 
  • It seems that your dog is very loyal to you. 
  • One day, your loyalty will pay off.

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6) Lively 

Lively means someone or something full of energy or with bright colors or jaunty. Compliments with Lively can be –

  • The imagination of this boy is lively.
  • I want to be as lively as you. 
  • Your friend seems lively whenever I meet him. 
  • Can you tell me how you are so lively?
  • Your clothing looks lively. 

7) Luscious

Luscious refers to someone or something wonderfully rich, sweet, or delicious. Compliments with Luscious can be –

  • You are looking luscious in this dress.
  • It was a luscious meal you made today.
  • Isn’t his lifestyle so luscious?
  • You both look luscious together.

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8) Luck

Luck refers to something that happens by chance positively. Compliments with Luck can be –

  • It would be nice if I had luck like you.
  • Keep trying since you have excellent luck. 
  • Good luck with your life ahead. 
  • You reached here with your hard work and luck both. Congratulations!

9) Laugh

Laugh is an expression of humor that’s usually audible and reflexive. Compliments with Laugh can be –

  • You’re a great person; you make everyone laugh. 
  • No one can make people laugh as you do. 
  • That day the way you laughed was cute.
  • My favorite things to do with you are laugh, eat, and hang out.

10) Love 

Love means showing your profound affection for anyone or anything. You had sure;y heard this word. Compliments with Love can be –

  • I really love to be with you. 
  • I will always love you. 
  • You are the Love of my life. 
  • I love to eat at your place. 
  • I love how your dog wags its tail. 

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Bottom Line

So these were some compliments that start with ‘L,’ now help us by leaving a comment. Tell us whether you like this article or not. You can also give suggestions!

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