Compliments that start with ‘F’

Compliments that start with F

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Are you looking for a list of all the compliments that start with ‘F?’ Now, you don’t need to visit any more websites. You are on the right page. Our team has selected a few great compliments that begin with the ‘F’ word. If these compliments suit your needs, we would appreciate hearing from you.

When you give compliments to people around you, they feel good about themselves and want you around. Thus, compliments serve as an effective tool for leadership and to influence other people. We all love to meet positive people who say good things about us. If you are good at giving compliments, people will follow your example and listen to your ideas more readily.

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First, you need to know about all the adjectives you can use in compliments that start with the letter ‘F.’ For example- fab, fabulous, famous, fascinating, faithful, fantastic, fashionable, fearless, favorable, fortunate, focused, funny, futuristic and many more. These are the mainly used words used to give compliments and start from the letter ‘F.’


Fantastic means something strange and difficult to believe. We always use this word when we see something unique and unbelievable. Fantastic is mainly used when you are giving compliments to others regarding their skills. So let’s find out some compliments using the word fantastic.

  • You are a fantastic badminton player.
  • You are a fantastic swimmer.
  • You have a fantastic car.
  • We had a fantastic time together.
  • Your music is fantastic.
  • You were so fantastic throughout your performance.
  • You are living in a fantastic house.
  • You are a fantastic person.


Fabulous means something of very high quality or something really great. We use this word many times in our daily life, but most people don’t know the exact meaning of fabulous. So let’s see how we use this word in our compliments.

  • You were fabulous.
  • You look fabulous in a black dress.
  • The dinner we had together was fabulous.
  • I had a fabulous time with you at the party.
  • You made a fabulous breakfast.
  • Your mother is a fabulous cook.
  • Your performance was fabulous.
  • You are a fabulous dancer.


Fascinating means something very charming and extremely interesting or attractive. Fascinating is used mainly while giving compliments to people around us. Let’s take a look at the compliments using the word ‘fascinating.’

  • You are a fascinating guy.
  • You look so fascinating in this dress.
  • It’s fascinating to watch a movie with you.
  • You have written a fascinating story.
  • You are a fascinating woman.
  • The girl I am looking at now is fascinating.


Fearless is used for the person who is not afraid of anything. You can use the fearless adjective in many ways in your compliments.

  • You are fearless.
  • You are a fearless girl.
  • Your actions are fearless.
  • How can a girl be so fearless?
  • You have a fearless attitude.
  • Your fearless actions explain a lot about your nature.
  • Fearlessness is in your blood.


Funny means something very amazing which makes you smile or laugh. Witty conversations and compliments are the best way to communicate effectively and make friends easily. Here you can find some simple compliments using the word ‘funny.’

  • You are so funny.
  • You are a funny guy.
  • You always tell funny jokes.
  • I never met someone funnier than you.
  • You can make anyone laugh.
  • You are a funny person, why don’t you try to stand up comedy?
  • How funny are you!
  • Your funny jokes make people smile.


Suppose something belongs to the future instead of the present. Then it is called futuristic. For example, a dress which looks awkward today but people can like it in the near future.

  • You seem very futuristic in your thoughts.
  • You are a futuristic woman.
  • Your face looks very futuristic.
  • You have a futuristic brain.
  • You have multiple futuristic skills.

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