Compliments that start with “E”

Compliments that start with E

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Are you interested in finding some new compliments that start with ‘E?’ Then you are on the right page. We have posted here some excellent compliments by using the adjectives which begin with the letter ‘E.’ We really hope that you will like the compliments written by us.

Compliments are the way to express our emotions and feelings for other people. Compliments help us to make a strong relationship with the people around us. You must have seen that if someone is good at giving compliments, then he must be good at making friends and communicating with people more efficiently.


The meaning of being energetic is to feel active all the time and full of energy. Therefore, whenever you meet a very active and intelligent person, you can compliment them using the word ‘energetic.’

  • You are so energetic.
  • Your father is still very energetic at this age.
  • You are an energetic young woman.
  • Your son is an energetic boy who enjoys all sports.
  • I have never seen a person as energetic as you are.
  • You are so energetic that you must try your fortune in sports.


The meaning of being excellent is something that belongs to the highest quality. Excellent word is used mainly in personal as well as official communication. So let’s see how you can use the word ‘excellent’ in your compliments to make them effective.

  • You were excellent on the ground.
  • You have an excellent sense of humor.
  • You are working on excellent ideas.
  • You have excellent communication skills.
  • You really have an excellent memory.
  • You are an excellent dancer.
  • You are an excellent student.
  • Your speech was excellent.


The meaning of exciting is something that produces the feelings and emotions of being thrilled. So you can give some fantastic compliments to the people around you by using the word ‘exciting.’

  • It is very exciting to meet you every day.
  • You have presented a very exciting idea.
  • You are a very exciting person who wants to know about everything in the world.
  • You have a very exciting style of teaching.
  • The way you speak is very exciting and impressive.
  • Your performance was very exciting today.
  • It is always very exciting to see you every time.


Enthusiasm is about showing interest in and enjoying what you do. By doing so, you adopt an active and motivated attitude rather than a passive one. Therefore, you can define being enthusiastic as having a positive attitude and getting satisfaction from achieving your goals.

  • I have never seen someone as enthusiastic as you are.
  • Your son is very enthusiastic about video games.
  • You are very enthusiastic about singing.
  • You are an enthusiastic tennis player.
  • You are an enthusiastic photographer.
  • I came to know your other enthusiastic side today.


The meaning of encourage is to give hope, support, or confidence to someone in achieving a goal or objective. So let’s see how we can use this word in compliments when we think about giving compliments to someone.

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  • You encourage me to do better in the world.
  • You always encourage people who need help.
  • To encourage poor or suffering people is the best thing I like about you.
  • I like that you are encouraging people to raise their voices.
  • Your encouraging nature makes you more unique.
  • Your passion always encourages me to do something good in my life.

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