100+ Controversial Relationship Questions to Ask Your Partner and Spouse


Well, are you think that you are in a monotonous relationship? No worries, now you can make your love life more exciting and exciting. Furthermore, what do you think about asking your girlfriend/boyfriend controversial relationship questions? Isn’t it a fantastic idea to add some interest to your relationship? Yes!  So, the problem is that you … Read more

100+ Best Friend Tag Questions

Best Friend Tag Questions

Introduction Best Friend Tag is a game that will put your friendship and knowledge of your best friend to the test. With best friends, it feels as if you’ve known them your whole life and know everything there is to know about them, from sharing memories to doing crazy things together,¬†understanding their emotions and every … Read more

How to respond to how’s it going?

How to respond to how's it going

It is widespread to greet someone with ‘How are You or How’s it going?’ And most times, we only answer with ‘Fine, what about you?’ or ‘Feeling good, you say’ or ‘Nothing much, What about you?’ But don’t you think the answers to ‘How’s it going’ have become limited, and we answer the same response … Read more