Body Language in Communication

Body Language in Communication

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All right, let’s talk about effective body language and communication. What do you need to look like when you’re talking to somebody in various different social situations?

In almost any relationship, there lies the ability for verbal as well as nonverbal communication. Although our speaking capability (verbal)is a very important attribute, it’s the body language(nonverbal) that works the most in any conversation.

Definition: Body Language in Communication

Body language is your unspoken lubricant that people demonstrate to show their true emotions and feelings during communication. Our facial expressions, gestures, and movement of various body parts enable us to comprehend the message of what somebody is attempting to say.

Some consistent Elements of Body Language

Some consistent Elements of Body Language
  • Be a genuine speaker
  • Let others feel comfortable and attended
  • Do not create barriers
  • Proper Eye Contact
  • Stay relaxed and flowing
  • Getting into others personal space
  • Proper gestures and postures
  • Greet in different ways

Be a Genuine Speaker

First of all, for most conversations, you want to be open and expressive. Don’t close yourself off to the other person. As such a matter of fact, as many times you can show your open poems or nod, you should be more confident.

Do not attempt to imitate a second speaker. Rather, let yourself react naturally and spontaneously to everything you are attempting to say. Attempt to be genuine and natural as if you speak to them. If you feel yourself lacking in this attribute, you should rehearse first with the people you are more comfortable with; these can be your children, your friend, your spouse, anybody.

Let Others Feel Comfortable and Attended

You want to keep the person feeling comfortable, revealing to you and talking to you. But this can be a man, a woman, a friend, or anybody you even don’t know. You want to make them feel confident that they reveal and release information to you.

You should have a natural concern about the interest of the other party and not just your own. If you can work with that in mind, they’ll believe you. Actively listening to them will create more interest in them while communicating, and they will feel attended.

Do Not Create Barriers

The whole process of communication is really about conveying the message very clearly and with the same meaning that we want them to understand.

 There can be many reasons that can create barriers and will result in unhealthy communication, which are physical barriers(distance, noise), physiological barriers(any physical dysfunction), emotional barriers (anger, anxiety), language barrier(more use of technical terms). 

Proper Eye Contact

You should have strong and what I call distributed eye contact. If you’re in a social group of any kind, make sure you’re looking at everybody and making eye contact with each of them for a short period of time. It makes them feel attended. A person has to feel like you’re, well, a little bit of a conversational waiter you’re attending on them.

With strong eye contact with your listeners, you are actually inviting them to continue with your communication by maintaining interest. Your weak eye contact will lead to lessening their interest in the conversation and will make them sure for your less confidence in your facts and statements.

Stay Relaxed and Flowing

Everything you do should be very relaxed, and the pacing would be like you’re moving through water. No sudden jerky movements, no poking of fingers, no pointing at people. It would help if you thought about being poetic with your body language. And when you’re walking, you should feel very fluid and almost lyrical.

If you know what you want from your communication means, if your head is evident with the script you want to present before them, you will be more confident, more relaxed, and flowing. The more you keep yourself acknowledged, the more comfortable and confident you become.

Getting Into Others Personal Space

It is found that touch is also a language in itself. When you touch people, it should be with familiarity and comfort. You can make someone feel relieved, calm, or relaxed by getting into their personal space. 

Like with the aged people, if you are talking to them with hands in hands and smile on your face and keep yourself a little closer to them, they will feel relaxed and will keep themselves engaged in the conversations.

But in some cases, 

it might be uncomfortable for you and the other person, at that time, to hang back a little bit. We have a specific social distance, and we respect that. And then it gets closer and closer as we become more familiar with that person. Then physical touch becomes much more comfortable.

Proper Gestures and Postures

  • Every environment, every venue you go into will have a different protocol and body language, but an essential bit of by styles that you always appear comfortable with yourself. 
  • Keep your back straight.
  • When you’re sitting, make sure that you stay relaxed but not too relaxed. You don’t want to be too rigid with your back way straight in a chair. You would have to be comfortable being respectful to the environment that you’re in.
  • Your physiology determines, to a large degree, your psychology. If you have a confident posture, you’re going to be feeling confident on the inside.
  • Stay relaxed and no fidgeting. Watch out that you don’t start twiddling your fingers or start playing the change in your pocket or start glancing around with nervous eye movement all those things. Stay attentive and focused on the person who’s talking to you.

Greet in Different Ways

When we talk about shaking hands, especially with women, we need to get a hug. They want to feel a squeeze, and a lot of times, they’ll reaching and giving a little peck on the cheek. 

In some cultures, that’s the norm. When we eventually go out and talk to a lot of women, and that’s a standard way of greeting with a kiss on each cheek, so touch with familiarity and comfort. If you’re not feeling the warmth, you need to work yourself to that zone, take a look at your belief systems. Take a look at your habits and work to start feeling more comfortable interacting with people.

So, on the whole, I would wrap up this topic with the conclusion that the essential. Attribute that makes you stand while communicating to any person is your body language. If you follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you would definitely become a good communicator. 

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