Body Language in Communication

Body Language in Communication

All right, let’s talk about effective body language and communication. What do you need to look like when you’re talking to somebody in various different social situations? In almost any relationship, there lies the ability for verbal as well as nonverbal communication. Although our speaking capability (verbal)is a very important attribute, it’s the body language(nonverbal) … Read more

Family Communication Patterns

The Best Patterns that will helps in improving family communication

One specific area of┬ácommunication┬áthat you probably haven’t heard before is┬ácommunication with your family. Oh, yeah, I know that isn’t an area that’s right for conflict. Family communication is different from all other areas of communication, primarily because of the connection that we have. In other words, it’s your family that is with you most of … Read more

Positive Traits

Positive Traits

A positive character is characterized by traits such as loyalty, honesty, courage, integrity, and fortitude. An individual with positive character chooses to do the right thing for the right reasons. A person’s character can still be defined by positive character traits that have less to do with morals. A person can be tenacious or creative … Read more

Rules of Communication

8 Golden Rules of Communication and Etiquette You Should Know

Communication!! So, we talk all the time, to friends, to family, to our boss, to girlfriend or any relative. But did you ever think about the etiquette or rules of communication? Good communication or your etiquettes of communication can lead to great opportunities in your real life. Like your boss can be impressed to you, … Read more

How to Talk to Anyone

Tips For How to Talk to Anyone in Higher Authority

To start with, there are going to be two scenarios. I will think of if you encounter someone in power or authority and also get to knowledge about how to talk to anyone. Which is you are either exposed to their own power, or he simply happened to be fulfilling them. An acquaintance might be … Read more

How to keep a conversation going?

How to keep a conversation going

Let’s have a look at how to keep a conversation going. Are you interested in someone who is not responding to your conversation? There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable pause in a conversation. We’ve all been there, and if striking up a conversation isn’t your thing, you may shudder at the very prospect of … Read more