99 Things to Talk About with Your Boyfriend [ Interesting Random Topics Ideas]

Things to Talk About with Your Boyfriend

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There are points in life when you just feel lost. You have zero things to talk about with your boyfriend. You can think with your boyfriend that everything is already completed. You already have talked about all topics. They are already known to your family, dreams, your daily routine, and which matters or don’t even matters. So you get bored by your way of talking with each other. What to talk about when you’re bored? What to talk about on facetime? 

Talking with boyfriends about different things could be a turning point in anyone’s life. Everyone is scared of a long-distance relationship in which partners are both tired of talking about each other. It’s; you’re for what to talk about in a relationship. Find some fun things to tell your boyfriend. There could be a hot topic for Things to talk about with your boyfriend, just like Call of Duty: Vanguard and Chuck Close right now. We are not telling you to use the same. Friends try to talk about what they like or loved to do even before you came into his life. If he wants to do painting, you can speak with him about chuck close, a famous American painter. If they love to play video games, they would be happy when you talk about video games. These are just some examples of what you can do, but to be complete with your boyfriend, you at least need to initiate. 

Things to Talk About with Your Boyfriend

Things to Talk About with Your Boyfriend

1. Start with a Debate, not with an Argument

Just like a Ronaldo vs. Messi Debate, try stretching your conversation. This is one of the best things to talk about with your boyfriend and make your point clear and listen to his point. You could try some Would you rather questions for couples if you didn’t find a moment to start your debate. But one thing is for sure you should take these questions to a discussion only not end up in an argument.  Do you think Jon been is made the right decisions? And get your debate to a level.

Some of the common Debate Topics:

  • You don’t love me like you did when we started dating?
  • You never tell your secret to me, but I always tell you all points of my life?
  • You have made another girlfriend or tried to marry someone else just because your parents don’t like me?
  • You don’t ever invite your friends or meet my friends?

2. Start a facetime in his free time

We know everyone is busy in their daily life. Someone is doing the job; another is busy with their business or classes. A person is living in the United States, and another is living in Canada. So, what you can do, you can’t start with a debate on call. Or can’t take directly towards a naughty conversation. This may not be the right thing to talk about with your boyfriend. Make a routine to have a facetime once a day in a long-distance relationship. Don’t try to dress up like it’s a facetime date. Just normal routine wear with little makeup would work here. Ask about what happens in the day. What do you have for dinner? Some of the lightest possible questions. 

Things to mentions on Facetime:

  • After how long do we see each other’s faces? – X Months Y Days Z Minutes
  • Looking Smart! 
  • How’s your day!
  • Had you done with your dinner?
  • Just look into my eyes and something.

3. Spend some time together making plans

Everyone gets emotional when they listen to plans after marriage. Yet, everyone loves family planning for the future. Moreover, thinking of which school would be better for kids. Would you rather have a baby girl or a baby boy? Furthermore, you could turn your chat to the naughty side one step bolder. Try saying something related to romantic honeymoon locations worldwide. If you both find this interested, you will have a great time together.

Things to talk about for plans:

  • Make him part of your life.
  • Say I can’t imagine life without you.
  • Ask for his opinion in every matter.
  • Treat them special and plan your dream house.

4. Try learning some about memories from the past

Everyone had a past. Someone would have good memories, and someone had just bad one. One would just open up like a book and try to lock their history in the safest locker. But when you have made your life partner, it is crucial to know about each other’s past. Whether it is about both’s family, old girlfriends, or some of the deepest secrets, there would be good, bad, and neutral memories once you share some time. The same is the case with the past; you have to face this one time in life. Just share it before it’s too late.

Things to learn from the past: 

  • Show your Vulnerable side
  • Keep sharing the secret till it’s ok for both
  • Don’t try to hurt anyone with sentiments

5. Share your friend’s list

You may feel weird but believe me; they would love to see your friends. You are sharing some of your best friends or making your friends both’s friends. We are not telling you to just fit forcefully in the group. But think once would you feel comfortable, if you meet them after marriage. You may feel uncomfortable once. So, it’s better to talk and have a friendly environment with them. It will work just like a arrange marriage. You know you don’t like them at first, but they can help you see the past, decide on something, or put a surprise. 

Things to mention to your friends:

  • Go with Best friends first.
  • Keep the friends aside in case of the ex.
  • Give partner priority over anyone else.

6. Sharing food with your boyfriend

You may feel this weird but think once you have your lunch 1000 miles away from your girl. You are not just thinking about anything and concentrating on food. And one day, you get your partner’s lunch sneak peek. How would you react? In a loving manner!! Yes, everyone would respond the same. Maybe they would call you by themselves or try sending the same next time while having lunch, breakfast, or dinner. 

Romantic Questions to ask your Boyfriend

If you are new in your relationship, then you need to be frank with your boyfriend. If you are not open with your boyfriend yet, you just need to ask some romantic questions to your boyfriend. These questions should make your boyfriend laugh or think about the future, and you can also try some of the +18 romantic questions. These questions are a step in your relationship. We don’t say you to use the same, but at least trying asking these questions.

Romantic Questions to ask your Boyfriend
  • Whom you think is an excellent example in terms of relationship?
  • Have you ever think life without me?
  • Will you cheat me if you saw I cheated on you
  • Is there any chance we both get married and stay like this for life?
  • Will you come to my house; if I tell you that I am alone at home?
  • Will you keep our relationship strong but always secret from the world?

Serious Things to Talk about with your Boyfriend

You may feel that you don’t know much about your boyfriend. This may be a reason why you spend time taking them. But, what if they are not ready to tell you much. You must check some of the serious things that how does your boyfriend thinks of it and how would he react. So, keeping secrets in life is a good thing and opening to that secret is a different thing. 

  • If you met me earlier in the school days knowingly that I will be yours one day, what would be your reaction?
  • Is there anything in your life, that you can’t tell me for life?
  • How much you have mentioned about me to your friends?
  • Is there anything in your life that matters more than me?

Funny things to talk about with your boyfriend 

Questions are the most effective approach to learn about someone, especially a new relationship. Incorporating humor and funny things into the questions is even better because it will inspire a few giggles as you spend time getting to know each other! To keep the mood light, try asking your lover a few amusing questions. If you want to catch your lover off guard, be funny and unusual! This list of humorous questions to ask your boyfriend is a great place to get some ideas.

Funny things to talk about with your boyfriend 
  • What if I was an animal? What would you like to see me as, and would you pet me?
  • Which one is your current crush, and what difference do you see between both?
  • Did you pay for a movie that you didn’t see even the first half?
  • Name three random girls from your friend list?

Random things to talk about with your boyfriend

Males are notoriously shy when it comes to conversation. Those are the reasons why these questions to ask your boyfriend are so helpful. You can’t say “yes” or “no” to any of these adorable and exciting questions to ask your lover. With these questions, you’ll be able to rapidly move on to something more substantive to ask. Along the way, you’ll have a little fun. I have compiled some questions to ask your lover. To save time, we’ve provided a quick index so that you may quickly find the information you need.

  • If you ever feel scared about anything, would you tell me about that?
  • Why did you choose me?
  • Did you ever write anything about what you feel about me?
  • Why are you so weird, but I still like you?

Things to talk about with your boyfriend on the phone

Not sure what you should say to the guy you’re in love with when you make the call? Is it difficult for you to communicate with the man you’re dating over the phone? What to say to a guy on the phone might be challenging, whether it’s your crush or partner. Consider these options for calling that particular person in your life. When you’re talking to your lover, are you constantly interrupted by awkward silences? Getting to know someone well can make it challenging to come up with new conversational subjects. However, it’s not impossible. Keep your conversations fresh and engaging by following these steps, whether you’re talking in person, chatting online, or texting.

  • Don’t say anything. Just sing your favorite song?
  • Do you know why I said yes to your proposal?
  • Would you go river rafting with me?
  • Would you choose moon or me?

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