7 Common Questions Girls Are Afraid to Ask Guys

Questions Girls Are Afraid to Ask Guys

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Girls mostly try to hide their feeling even when you are dating them. They think of how you would react when you get the question for a reason or no reason. You may contact the right point for what they have said, or you will start overreacting. If you are a girl in the same situation, then this post will help you a lot. Even if you are a man who is reading this post, this could change your thinking. PersuadeEd.com would offer you every help that you need from us. You may ask anything anytime; we would help you in every situation.

You must have listened to this great quote which says Mans are from mars. Similar is the thinking of a girl. Sometimes, situations for girls are tough to manage. Here they just try to take down their frustration on men. If you face the same cases, these questions girls are afraid to ask guys could be the reason behind all the stress and frustration.

When in the middle of the conversation and your girl says you to leave the topic, why? Just because you will not get the point. All men think blunt and open with girls, but we believe this is too much when a girl starts being open. Here is when things change for girls. We think of more girls in a job, but did we offer them a good package as of a boy? The answer is known to all. If we have a girl and a boy with the same profile and experience + qualification, then the boy is said 10 out of 10, whereas to a girl, we just say 7 out of 10. This inconvenience at every place makes girls afraid to ask anything from a guy. So, with this, here are some common questions girls are afraid to ask guys.

Questions Girls Are Afraid to Ask Guys

Questions Every Girls Are Afraid to Ask Guys

1. Why can’t girls pay on a date?

Let’s talk about equality. Have you ever gone on a date or seen another couple where a girl paid the whole bill. We don’t think so. Why? Just because of the traditional thinking of a man that always men could pay the bills. If the bill is too high or the guy is unable to pay the whole bill. The bill would still split into two for guy and girl. Still, we don’t give a chance to our girl to pay for the date she had arranged. All her credit and hard work went to waste; just because girls can’t deliver on a date. Today’s generation is independent and working at least to pay their bills by own. So, if your girl is earning well, ask her to pay, not consistently but at least when you feel they could pay or where she is forcing you that she will pay.

2. Will you ask your parents about our marriage?

Girls get multiple proposals every month. Guys from the neighbors, work, and yoga classes follow them to ask out for a date. Most of the girls reject the offers and don’t even try to look back at the guy. Did you try to notice any reason? Some of them would say that girl has a boyfriend already. This may not be true. Most of the girls who reject the offer are afraid to ask a simple question, i.e., are you going to marry me? Would you ask your parents about our marriage? Why did she afraid to ask a guy to marry her. Just because we love to create false assumptions and say the fake way that we will marry her, of course, so, once we start dating a girl by saying this, most of the guys out there just use the girl for personal benefits, and after using her, they say, my parents would not accept you. I have talked to them, so I can’t marry you. So, once you have committed with a girl to marry her, marry her at any cost. No reason should separate you both as a couple. If we can make our girl a wife, then we should respect her feelings.

3. Do you mind if your girlfriend has a lot of guy friends?

If you are in a relationship and at the same time you have a group with many opposite-sex friends, then you must face this situation of your partner getting jealous and insecure of your friends. You must be felt like a thing that is used accordingly. Whenever they need you, they use you, and whenever fulfilled, they would not pick one of your classes. So, what would be your reaction if your girl asks you if your girlfriend has many guy friends. You must be thinking of why a girl will ask this question. This could be a weird question for both. So, understand one thing, clearing everything before getting closer in a relationship would help you a lot. It could stop from creating a misconception about your girlfriend. 

4. Do you care about how a girl dresses?

Some guys care about how you would dress in front of their friends and family. They would try to force you to wear their religious clothes. Or clothes that can match his standards. On the other hand, there are boys who don’t even try to figure out what you are really wearing. They will seriously LOVE YOU for what you are, not just because you are wearing something sexy. So, if you are really thinking of asking your special friend this question, you can have a basic test on them. Wear a dress you haven’t tried for life and just go to him or send a picture. You will get your clear answer by the tune he will use to speak. If you’re wearing a short dress and he loves it, he would definitely try to force you one day. An average person would typically reply to you with a nice compliment for the dress, nothing else.

5. Should your girlfriend share your passions?

When we see on record, there was a time when no one loves a self establish girlfriend, when doctors and big-name were finding the same passion girlfriend. But now the time has really changed a doctor is marrying a professor; a professor is marrying a lawyer. This is becoming a never-ending circle. Girls are afraid just because of family, and some think it can ruin their future. But that’s not actually true. If any guy finds a girl with the same passion, let him see the perfect one. But you can ask her a small thing, is he an MR. PERFECT in his life? Anyone replying with yes to this question is too rude to be with you, even if he shares the same profession as you.

6. Is taking “too long” to get ready to leave annoying?

Suppose you are a girl and just getting yourself ready for a party with your BOYFRIEND. And your guy is calling you to do your makeup fast; then this may help you. Every guy hates to keep waiting for a girl. But on the other hand, they would love it when you dress up perfectly. So, you can check one thing when you are getting yourself ready and going to the parlor. Don’t waste your time going to a long-distance parlor just because they had good reviews. And you are going there for years. So, keep this one thing in life, you can take time to get ready, just don’t take “too long” to get ready.

7. Do you like staying in touch throughout the day?

Believe it or not, you can start sending messages for a whole day, and guys would love it at first. But when you try to keep overreacting on minor issues, just like how you could go to a party without telling me? Then this is going to be over. The problem here is not staying in touch throughout the day. The problem here is the reaction you will make when you get to know your guy is not the nice guy you know while dating. Talk throughout the day and set a bar while talking. Don’t try to cross that bars, which could make a fighting scene between both. 

Final wordings from author

No question is wrong; only the way you say it can make your question wrong. And any situation which could create a scene should be avoided all the time. These 7 are just a start, not the end for questions girls are afraid to ask guys. You could face a different situation, but it’s just a reaction to what you are afraid of, not that question. So you can avoid that bitter words if you don’t want to fight. Even if your question is genuine and you know the answer is evident to you. Every coin has two sides. Your question is ahead of the coin, and the explanation is a tale of the coin. If you are really interested in explanation, then try flipping the coin, i.e., change your style of asking. You will automatically get your answer.

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