20 Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

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Does your husband fantasize about other women on the bed? If yes, then check these signs your husband has a crush on another woman. Here you will get an idea of if your husband is interested in another woman or not? So, without wasting your time, let’s get started with PersuadeEd:

020 signs your husband has a crush on another woman

1: He chooses his phone rather than spending time with you

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Everyone makes a reason to use the phone anywhere. For example, I was just watching time. There was an important message or any specific and valid reason. But when we are with our special one, and still there is a phone between them, it feels wrong. There shouldn’t be a phone between you and your partner, especially when you feel that your husband had a crush on another woman. 

Maybe, he is just busy because he will question video games to take the stress off his mind. If this was the case, then you should definitely help him. If you think he was chatting with another woman, then check his social media or chatting apps. Maybe for the work and future of you both, it may be necessary for you to ask if he is facing something new and stressful in life. Try to release his stress. Those who get confirmation that her husband had a crush on another woman talk to that all time. It is time to take a look back in life.  

2: You are not so special in his eyes now

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Do your fights are getting longer and ugly day by day? For a reason or not, now he thinks you are not so special. From the kitchen to the laundry, he is always trying to criticize you. It seems like your man is not your man now. 

If this is happening to you every day, then it’s time to be concerned with a consultant for the sake of your relationship. It will be better if you find out what problem he is dealing with at the moment. Maybe there would be chances that he has another woman already in his life. Or this is just at the initial stages that he has a crush on a woman. 

If he’s distracted by another woman, he won’t notice the good things you do for him. Because he may be comparing you to someone else, he refuses to recognize your importance in his life.

He takes you for granted since he sees new things as more thrilling than the familiar. There are several ways to tell whether your spouse has feelings for someone else, which is one of them.

He may have no idea what’s going on or how he began treating you.

Because of this, he’ll be loyal to her even if they’re attracted to someone else at the same time. Maybe he’s even attempting to persuade himself that she’s superior to you to explain his sentiments.

3: He is continuously helping her and hiding bills 

Sometimes, you will find that all his money is gone somewhere. Like is he hiding something just to help his friend with the financial issues? But what will he get in return? For example, is your husband’s friend is a woman with whom he had a crush? 

Maybe, you could find that your husband is a very kind man and helps friends at the start. But later on, you will realize that your husband is cheating on you in the name of helping a friend. And believe us, it would be very late for you to know how the woman is and why your husband likes her more than you.

There would be a stage when he would start hiding his phone, bills, and everything from you. Now, the things you both used to share before will be more personal to him. His explanation about a new bill will be excellent. You can’t doubt that for a second until you cross-check everything one by one. 

Even if you confront him again after cross-checking his facts. He would start a fight with you that you have doubts and search his personal belongings.

4: He will try to cover his guilt with expensive gifts and overall interest in you

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Sometimes, when you have doubts about your husband. He gets to know that fact that you already know what he did. Then the cheese and butter game starts on you. His nature would be extra cheesy for you. 

Guilt can go from men’s feelings for not liking you to love you in a second. There would be a time when the other woman would not do things like he wants to. Then he would come to you. He will realize his mistakes. Then he will try to be available for you. Finally, the expensive gifts will be purchased for you.

But, once that, another woman is back in life. Things will get more complicated than before. There would be a mess in his life to balance between you and her. He will lose his interest in working and earning. Maybe he could go for drinking or drugs to hide all this guilt. 

5: He would be nervous and protective

He will try to avoid you. Like he is not listening to you. Your marriage could be in trouble if he gets nervous. In his edgy behavior, he will try his best to avoid you physically as well as mentally. There would be just one option in front of you, to cry alone and not tell anyone.

If you want a further step in your life, then deal with this situation right away. You need to tell your friends and family about the issue now. Maybe they could tell his mistakes in a better way than you. 

6: He will avoid sharing a bed and physical affection with you

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Even if your marriage is just one year long or 10 years of relationship together. Even a 60-year couple feels affection and cuddles each other. It’s the highest sign that your husband has a crush on another woman when he doesn’t share a bed with you. 

Maybe he feels comfortable sleeping on a sofa or working too late that he sleeps on the table. This can go too long in a relationship. 

7: He spends his time out of the station

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This complaint is almost every third woman’s complaint. Some say her husband was on a work meeting. Others say he is working hard to earn till late at night. Sometimes the sparkles of money closed our eyes. This is the case here.

Because they are earning money, you first think everything is ok. After this stage, you think it’s just working pressure. And the truth is they make an excuse to hide their extramarital affair. 

You just need to check with your husband that he is making fake excuses or is he really busy. To check these things, we will try to help you. First, ask him about his daily routine. Check is there anything you could do for her. If yes, then tell him that you could help him with that. If he says no, then maybe he is going somewhere else or doing something else. 

8: Change in Dressing Sense

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When you find the new shoes, shirts of the same color or colors he doesn’t like before. This is the time to check is wardrobe. We assure you that you will be surprised to see clothes you have never seen before. These clothes could be for her also. So we suggest you, even if you find new clothes, don’t ask her for that clothes. Because if you ask him for a reason, there could be a fight between you and your husband.

9: Making more effort to look young

Some men don’t care about appearance in starting. But when a girl comes in life, then they care about looking best of them. This all has been done just to impress a woman. 

Now you had to search for whether it is for work or for personal time. You can find it out by making a schedule of your husband’s previous routine. When you make a list, then mark down whether or not he is dressing special. After a week, check whether there is a connection between different days and something new. 

10: You can’t access his accounts and phone history

Some couples are always sharing passwords and accounts. But slightly, you would realize that his accounts have 2 step verification every time. His phone history is always cleared, or a single contact history is cleared. So, for example, his phone rang at 4:00 pm. But when you check his history, there isn’t any call in the history. 

 They would be blushing and smiling like never before. If you ever found everything cleared, then it’s alarming. And you should talk to your husband directly about it. 

11: Lying about locations

If you check his car parking outside a hotel or restaurant and call for a confirmation of where he is at the moment. He would be saying, where could I be in the office timing. This is a clear sign of cheating. 

Signs your husband has a crush on another woman. He is unlikely to tell you about it. When he’s had dating with another lady, he’ll always tell the lies about it.

Even if he is already cheating, she may still have a crush on him. You cannot lie about anything in marriage.

It’s up to him whether he’ll tell you about his feelings or not if it’s simply an innocent infatuation.

He’ll want to avoid her if he sees that it may lead to adultery since most individuals won’t say anything like that. On the other hand, it may be unpleasant if he refuses to meet with you and begins to fabricate excuses for his whereabouts.

12: Nervousness never goes ahead of his mind

When you get married, then there is at least one person whom you could tell about everything. There is nothing to hide or get nervous about. Whether it is physical, mental stress, you have to help him out of the situation. 

13: Proliferate with work colleagues and commitments

 Have you ever listened to a police siren? Yeah, this is the same situation when your husband is becoming more proliferate at work. When your hubby keeps arriving at 1 am, or 2 am from work and departing at 5 am or 6 am for work. This condition suggests that he is surrounded by a large number of gorgeous female colleagues.

14: Questions your dignity and love

When he is not spending time with you rather spending quality time with female colleagues, then it’s obvious. That a man will start building a bond between the new lady and him. So when he would be spending time with you again, his mind will make her image. And a comparison would start in his mind automatically. Here, when you make a small change in his life or question something, he would be questioning you back. This question is about your dignity or your true love for him. 

15: Watching her photos and saving her stories

Now, we all have different social media apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. So there would be a sudden change in all his activities. Like some person’s photos everywhere. When you open his phone, you will see her photos more than yours. 

Seeing a lot of pics of a certain woman on your hubby’s phone is a clear sign that your husband has a crush on another woman. That’s a clear indication that your hubby will be cheating you with her. Even on his working laptop, you could see her pictures. 

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16: New social media account’s of your husband

When your husband has a crush on another woman, he tries to create a new social media account. There is a trend of following just one person on Instagram. Every couple follows just their partner. But in this case, you will find something reverse. He would be following others and showing himself as a single man. On the other hand, he could be following work colleagues and saying this was for work connections. 

This situation could be very alarming. If you saw this kind of new account, then check this account’s consistency. It is very unusual for a man who has confided in another woman to become obsessed with her on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, where he would post seductive comments on her photos.

17: Not attending your calls

When you get married, you save each other’s contact by some special names. But when your man has a crush on another woman, then he tries to avoid you. In the worst cases, the man even deletes their wives’ numbers. They react in public like they are stag. Simple for them to talk with a new girl. 

You’ll be surprised to discover that your partner, who has always wanted to spend every waking moment with you, is gradually avoiding you. Your calls are ignored whenever he’s not at home.

18: Flirting with women when you are with him

You must listen to the phrase that “Man will be Man.” You will see this with your eyes when you both are together, and you suddenly meet a woman you know or your husband knows. Your husband may have noticed that he has feelings for another lady. Even in your presence, your husband flirts with her. Because of that, he tried to convince you that his general attitude toward women is to blame for all of this. And overall, this is a clear sign that your husband has a crush on another woman.

19: Creating Multiple Password to protect calls and emails

First of all, his phone would be out of your reach for days. Even if you have picked his phone for a few seconds, you will be finding new passwords and pins. Especially for saving a few calls from you. This is a clear indication that he is fascinating another woman. 

And you know that when you ask something, you will be facing a new argument. This argument will be ok for you to believe in him completely. 

 20: Skip Family Gathering

You can tell if your husband has a crush on another woman by not attending any of the family activities or parties you are invited to. To spend time with someone else, he has decided not to participate. There were many excuses he offered. You should be concerned if he goes missing often.

Moreover, he would be stressed out because someone could ask you both about personal life. And you could tell someone how he is behaving with you. Due to the allover stress, you will be said to attend the party alone. 

Final Wording from Author

This was the end of signs your husband has a crush on another woman. By following this blog, you could get an idea of telling if your husband is interested in another woman. It’s never ok when the husband has feelings for another woman. This could also be reversed, i.e., a woman’s crush on another woman or man. So, this is not exactly true the only married man could cheat. Sometimes women also cheat on their husbands.

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