20 Signs He Wants to Break Up But Doesn’t Know How

Signs He Wants to Break Up But Doesn't Know How

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Can’t you sleep the whole night thinking that your boyfriend might want to break up with you? This is the time to check signs he wants to break up but doesn’t know how. As we know, a breakup could be the worst part of any relationship. We have seen many couples who have been apart from each other and have never been happy again. 

How to know is he thinking of breaking up with you? Have you ever think why he is playing these mind games with you? Like why he is hiding new friends, or he is not adjusting with you. These “20 signs he wants to break up but doesn’t know how” will help you understand what you should do next. 

1: He doesn’t give answers, and it feels like an interrogation

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When you both are together, he tries to be busy. And this is not for one time, but it is becoming routine for him. This is the quiet initial stage. You must have multiple fights before this stage. Now, he understands that any conversation could become a fight with you. This is the stage where men try to avoid any conversation. 

Even if you ask questions, they don’t think you deserve any good answer. So men try to avoid, and you try to calm the conversation. A stage would come when you think that your conversation is forced. If you saw this sign, then it’s time to ask directly. 

2: You try to avoid any mistake to make him happy

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Have you ever thrown an egg on the floor? You know what would happen if you do this. This is why you try to avoid that. But anyhow, making mistakes is in human nature. No matter how much you would like to avoid all this, there would be one second when you automatically make any slight mistake, and the egg breaks. 

The same could be in a relationship when you both are spending time together. In a long-term relationship, you know each other better, and somehow, you know what they could be thinking about at the moment. So, all this could be started with the smallest possible mistake. 

For example, you disturbed him while he was on a phone call. What could be the scenario if you both love each other. First, he would cut the phone or say you to wait. But now, when he already wants a breakup, he completed the call maybe 10 minutes long or maybe half hour. And what’s next, he yells at you for disturbing his phone call. The situation would get worst if he broke the phone.

3: Criticizing you in front of others and being jerk for no reason

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This is a clear sign he wants to break up but doesn’t know-how. And this is why he is thinking a long game. Now he doesn’t want to say himself, and he wants that you speak to him these magical words “It’s over.” It might be a possibility he is another relation, or he has the exact nature for everyone. 

4: He never kisses or affectionate you

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If he is doublecrossing you anyways, you will find out that with this sign. This is the confirmation sign that he wants to break up but doesn’t know how. What do most of the men want? So yes, your thinking is correct. But wait, what if he already has that affection from another lady. 

There would be a time when you will beg for affection from him. Kiss or hugs would be weeks, and you will be crying for his love. Here we have one thing to mention that we are not saying that he wants a breakup, but the thing is, your relationship would automatically dead here. 

5: He is canceling every trip with you

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If he is happy with you and your relationship, then he wouldn’t be canceling plans. Instead, he would be coming in advance and trying to spend more time with you. But possibly you will these signs as he wants to break up but doesn’t know-how. 

What would happen in your case when you book a vacation? If he wants a breakup, then he would cancel your vacation. However, we suggest you don’t worry about canceling or anything wrong. Everything would happen according to destiny, even if you don’t believe it. 

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6: Now feel like not complete with him

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When you are finally thinking a lot about breaking up, being with him does not feel special. Sometimes, you will feel like he is speaking and can’t concentrate on what he is saying. Your ears can’t listen, and finally, you feel alone. We suggest you change the environment. Go to any new city or may be concerned with a psychologist. Being a solo person in the relationship and not feeling complete is the sign he wants to break up but doesn’t know how. 

7: Noting down every complaint and lashing everything together

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Sometimes we point problems of others to correct them in the situation. So this happened with us that our loved one is just taking a note of our past mistake. And trying to lash us in front of others. Or they try to point a single error of our every time. And lashing every time. These were the signs he wants to break up but doesn’t know how. 

8: Now, you are not his partner in crimes and parties

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First, once we started as the hottest couple sensation in parties. You do everything together like you are best buddies and partners in crime. And then times change, and everything is going fast. His lifestyle is changing. He is going to parties, work meetings out of the city, or family relations. This is one of the greatest signs that he wants to break up but doesn’t know-how.

9: Getting nervous or annoyed all time

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Men get depressed due to multiple pressure like a hard-working job, family issues, and then a girlfriend in life. Sometimes it becomes hard to manage all the problems. And all the anger, stress go in one place. They start getting nervous all the time, and most of their pressure could be due to outside sources, not you. You will not have a reason to stay in the relationship as it gets toxic day and night. They can’t stay happy for a few seconds. According to a psychologist, the man shows emotions when they need peace. And this time, peace will come from a breakup. But something inside them is stopping them from breaking up. 

10: He tries to tell his feeling and then says he is just joking

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No matter how jolly nature he has, a man would never joke around the breakup. How do you feel when your lifepartner says that he will be dead in the next two days? The same is the feeling for every girl when they listen to jokes about breaking up with their boyfriend. But when someone wants to leave another’s life and want to apart his ways for a lifetime. So, why did a man would try such a humorous way? Because this could be the only sign, he wants to break up but doesn’t know how. After this, he is free to go anywhere as he has zero stress in his mind. 

11: He tells you that you deserve better

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It could be a fun way to tease your partner in the initial stages. And we also believe that it could be best for those who want to earn the respect of others. But it got to the bottom when a man who has had a relationship for years suddenly started laughing and saying that now you deserve better. 

12: Now your opinion is not important in any matter

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Now guys know different mind games. They know how to frustrate a girl better than the girls. They don’t always yell for small things. Some guys even make you yell at them. So what do they do in actuality? They just made their decisions quietly without making any issue or telling you. For them telling you about your decisions is not important now. You will know about their decision from others. And this could be the signs he wants to break up but doesn’t know how. 

13: He was faking about his emotions actually he doesn’t have any emotions

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Sometimes you get into a relationship very quickly. On Monday, you met first, Tuesday he gave a smile, Wednesday you both watched a movie together, Thursday he picked you for a party, Friday he asked you for commitment, and you said yes on Saturday. Believe it or not, everything becomes more red, and roses will have more fragrance these days. But this is the way for those who don’t actually have much emotion. Those who really love would take some time to make decisions. And these are the clear signs he wants to break up but doesn’t know how. And believe us or not, these are with the couples of the GenZ generation. 

14: You caught him backbiting you on multiple occasions

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Once, you saw a few of his friends laughing hard in the group where he said something. When you get closer to look at what happened, you check that everyone else is silent and just a man is saying something. That man is no one else. It’s your boyfriend. What he was saying was that anyone would stop laughing after watching you. This is the time you have caught him red-handed saying terrible things in your back. Now, what do you understand from this incident? His friends would be terrible, or he is weird than you thought. These are the signs he wants to break up but doesn’t know how. 

15: His buddies don’t have interactions with you

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What we have seen many times is that a relationship is standing on 4 pillars. First is a couple, second is family, third is future plans, and fourth is friends. We have mentioned three of the steps above. If your relationship is missing the fourth pillar. Check whether his friends are your friends or not. Doesn’t he feel insecure about showing his friends to you? If so, then maybe these are the signs he wants to break up but doesn’t know how. 

16: Your heart is saying you something is wrong

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If you continuously feel an urge to say something and stop yourself from doing that. Then it’s time to face the truth. It could be any moment when he comes to you and says goodbye. This could only be confirmed in two ways: First is by asking your boyfriend and second is following what your heart said to you. It personally happens to everyone that we get a clear indication of what our heart says, and in most cases, this is also true. Unfortunately, many women are also unaware of their boyfriend’s crush on another woman. 

17: He is available to other girls

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When a boy falls in a relationship with a girl, he makes a one-person follow on Instagram. And that person is always his girlfriend. Now, when the relationship is ending maybe, he would remove such information from others. Or try to make a new social media account on which he could follow anyone and everyone. This is the special treatment he would give you if he feels like you are not special. And these are the signs he wants to break up but doesn’t know-how. 

18: He tries to ignore important dates

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There is a sigma male rule #27 that when you can’t pretend like you just forgot that it was your anniversary, tries to wish her late. The man obviously does such things. When your man doesn’t have interest in you, he will try to be the busy whole day and come at 9 pm, 10 pm or 11 pm. They will just ruin every plan you have made. Not because they forget or this was not important to them but because they won’t break up. And the honest part of this all is that most men don’t know how to break up without hurting themselves and your sentiments. 

19: He is not mature enough to take responsibility for privacy and relationships

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Few men are trash. What they do is share too much information with friends and special people. But they don’t actually know how anyone would react to TMI about your relationship. After sharing this information, the person with whom he shared your private information would not respect you as he does before. Even if he knows you, the scenario will not change much. This could go further to a breakup and leak of private moments also. This is clear that he is just using you, and it is the sign he wants to break up but doesn’t know how. 

20: He is not around you in your bad times

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If you had a bad time, then you don’t find him around you to support you. You would be crying on your bed or sofa, and he would just do his work after saying you once to stop. Not only this, he would try to make you cry on multiple occasions. We have a trick that could help you when you see signs he wants to break up but doesn’t know how. If you still want to make your relationship stronger, then try to speak words that could make Him Think About You. 

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