20+ Different Types of Kisses and What They Mean in Actual

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Do you know that we can kiss in 20+ different ways? Yes, you heard right, we have 20+ different types of kisses. Have you ever thought about how romantic kissing could go if we knew some of these styles? You may feel kissing is simple. But you could spice things up by leaving a mark of your kiss or by bite and nibble. You must have known about French kisses. A kiss is something which you don’t need to practice on someone or something. You will get to know when you are practical with your partner. When we checked on different types of kisses, we got to know you can kiss in a new way every day for a month. So, what are you waiting for to spice up your relationship with romantic kisses, including French Kiss, Earlobe kiss, or Bite Kiss? 

Different Types of Kisses

Single-Lip Kiss

We are assuming that you are new and don’t know anything about kissing passionately. So, here is a gentle start for you. Single Lip Kiss is the first type of kissing which you need not learn anything about. In a single lip Kiss, you kiss your partner on their bottom lip, and they don’t reply to you back with the upper lip. This type of kissing is very important for new or virgins who don’t know romance.

Lean-in Kiss

A second most common type of kiss Assumes you are just late for your office. Your partner is preparing toast and coffee for you. You have your hands full with some keys, wallet, mobile phone, or toast. You are very eager to wish your partner good morning with a kiss. Now you just have to lean in towards your partner and kiss her on the lips. Your hands or body wouldn’t be touching her. The meaning of a Lean-in kiss lies in our old tradition when our parents wake us up with a good morning kiss or hug. So, when we grow up and get married, everything changes rapidly. We forget wishing good morning to our partner, but once you have made kissing your partner in the morning your daily routine. Your partner would be happy with your gesture, and you will surely see results in your daily life.

Earlobe Kiss

The third type of kiss is the earlobe kiss. An ear kiss may be the start of a loving session. This kind of kiss is romantic and delicate. Ears are the most sensitive area your spouse may entice. Another method to awaken your spouse, grab the earlobe of your partner between your lips and begin to pull it softly. The slow transition from the use of your lips to squeeze your partner’s lips softly, then draw them back slowly, so your lips slowly glide over your teeth.

French Kiss

Suppose you have a partner who is as passionate about taking your relationship further. Then start with the fourth type of kiss, i.e., french kiss. A french kiss is done when both partners are ready to kiss. In a french kiss, we need lips, tongues, saliva, and movement. Research has shown that you can burn some calories with a french kiss. However, it depends on how strong your makeout session goes.

Prolonged kiss

The fifth type of kiss is a prolonged kiss. A lengthy kiss is a profoundly passionate kiss, which many couples experience after a long time apart when they don’t want to break apart. Just be ready to show your partner how much you missed them with your kiss. And don’t forget to make a new world for the longest kiss. BTW the longest kiss world record is to a couple from Thailand for kissing more than 50 hours.

Licking Kiss

This is the sixth type of kiss which you could try. A licking kiss is one step ahead of a lean-in kiss. When you go for the lean-in kiss, and they are anticipating you for a kiss. Just tease them with tracing lips for a kiss but don’t actually kiss them. Instead, you will lick their lips until they start sucking your tongue.

Hand Kissing 

If you are a man and confident in public to accept your relationship, then the seventh type of kiss is for you. This is hand-kissing. Assume a situation that you are calling your partner on a date. She came after you, and you are taking her to the dinner table by holding her hand, just after holding her hand, smile a bit. And kisses her hand. You will see a new comfort in her eyes to be with you. Saying this is very simple to do, yet we say situations could make this difficult.

Breath Kiss

You must have heard the word CPR. The eighth place on the type of kiss goes to the Breath Kiss. Yes, you heard right. This is very similar to CPR. Just you give CPR to save a patient. And breath kisses with your sweetie pie. Breath kissing may be a wonderful method to develop closeness with your partner. As you kiss, coordinate your breathing with that of your lover. You inhale when they inhale. Such kissing may be extremely sensuous.

Butterfly Kiss

Suppose you and your partner kissed many times and have faced a time when your eyelashes touch her skin or vice versa. Then you have already done the ninth type of kissing. When you flutter your eyelashes across the eyes or face of the other person’s butterfly kiss, this kind of kiss and gesture is for people who are insane or adore one another. Sit close to your spouse and let your laughs flutter like butterfly wings together as you kiss.

The Spiderman Kiss

The famous upside-down kiss from the Spiderman movie. Yes, this is in the list of types of kisses for a reason. Do you have a high-height bench to lie on? If you have it, then you can try the spiderman kiss without holding a rope and stand upside down. Instead, just lie on the bench with your head lying in the air towards the ground. And make your partner’s face in front of you and kiss your partner’s upper lips.

Love Bite/Hickey

If you have seen any couple who is madly in love with each other, then you must stare at them for a love bite. Yes, love bites are normal if you are in love, and this is why a hickey or love bite is on the list of types of kisses. More of a sweat than a kiss. This kind of kiss shows your partner’s romantic passion. A hickey is a strong suction dark red or purple mark on your skin. It should disappear in about 2 weeks, like other bruises. The neck is a popular location for hickeys, although you may acquire the hickeys everywhere. A cluster of numerous blood spots creates a bigger dark area, essentially a contusion.

Vampire Kiss

The next in the list of types of kisses are vampire kisses. You don’t need to suck blood from your partner’s neck. The vampire kiss is a profound kiss on the neck of someone who can suck lightly orbit on the flesh. Some individuals find it unpleasant rather than attractive, and the sucking may leave a hickey, so always ask permission to kiss someone.

Wet Kiss

Let’s now move to some sensual types of kisses. The wet kiss is an open kiss that may be as little or as tongue as you and your lover desire. Typically, these kisses are reserved for intense hugs and show your partner’s desire.

Jawline Kiss

The Jawline Kiss can make your partner insane. And this is way jawline kiss in the list of types of kisses. To give your lover a jawline kiss, start kissing them passionately on the bottom of the jaw – the region where your neck joins your face. Then, if you enjoy it, take it to the next level by kissing your earrings and your forehead.

Neck Kiss

Very common among types of kisses, and yet many couples love the simplicity of this kissing style. Usually, a kiss on her neck indicates she can’t get enough of you. If she kisses you, it indicates she loves you and is passionately attracted to you. Not to be mistaken with a hickey, a kiss on the neck is more a pick than a deep kiss. This is a fun kiss to let your spouse know how careful you are about them.

Body Kiss

Suppose you want to play with your partner in the bedroom, then you have something which is going to turn your partner on. And this is none other than body kisses. Yes, body kisses are also a type of kiss. And what you have to do is just make your partner rest and enjoy the movement. Make your tongue and lips around her, Tummy, legs, and everywhere around her body.

Nibble Kiss

Now, when everyone thinks this is enough knowledge about kisses. We are here with some other types of kisses. Nibble Kiss is a combination of two kisses. Just do any random style of kissing and apply some pressure. We are not saying to force your partner. Just keep gentle and see whether or not your partner loves your new style.

Back to the Neck Kiss

Yes, we know we have already described Neck kisses. But back-to-the-neck kisses are other types of kisses. In the simple neck kiss, your partner knows your location and got knowledge about your actions. But in Back to the neck kisses, your partner does not know where you are and what you are going to do. So, just surprise your partner with some back to the neck kisses. Another tip, don’t forget to move your hands.

Forehead Kiss

The next types of kisses is forehead kisses. A kiss on the front shows your love for someone else. This kind of kiss indicates that you care deeply, and mean a lot to you.

Angel Kiss

Eye kiss is another type of kisses that people do to show affection; the angel kiss is put on your partner’s closed eyelids. Again, it shows affection and maybe a nice way to wake up your spouse in the morning.

Cheek Kiss

The next types of kisses is a cheek kiss. This is one type of classical kisses. Frequently given as a welcome in Europe, the cheek kiss includes a brief kiss between friends, relatives, or even new strangers. It may assist you in measuring your interest when you are shared with a prospective spouse.

Nose Kiss

Another classical kiss in types of kisses is a nose kiss. The kiss of the nose is more welcome than a conventional kiss. This kiss includes stroking your partner’s nose. It is a personal, lovely gesture to express how much you love your spouse.

Hand Kiss

When we move to formal types of kisses from classical hand kisses is at #1. The top of the hand kiss is a formal kind of kiss that must not imply love. This kind of kiss is a cute gesture between new friends.


This one is a mixture of classical and passionate types of kisses. This gentle, soft kiss is often used to express your desire early in the relationship while taking things slowly.

Blowing A Kiss

Till now we have described kissing and sucking. But the next in the type of kisses is blowing. Kissing is a joyful and flirtatious way to say goodbye. Puck your lips and blow your partner’s kiss before you depart.

Final Wording from Author

It’s completely upon you how to kiss. Noone can teach you how to kiss passionately. Just one thing that you can get to know from others is the types of kisses and their meaning. Kissing in the right place or at the right time is the thing that you need to concentrate on. Further, if you have any questions regarding your relationship, then feel free to ask. You can follow us on Instagram for more information. 

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