15+ Weird Questions to Ask a Girl

Weird questions to ask a girl

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If you don’t have any clue how to know your girl a little bit better. Try these weird questions to ask a girl. We first tell you that these questions are not for fun but for unusual facts about that girl. Here you would get some weird questions to ask a girl about her body, thinking about different things, and much more. If you use your questions satisfactorily and straight to the point, you will frankly enjoy the answers to these questions. From a variety of questions, find the questions that would be perfect for you and your girl. Whether she is your best friend or your girlfriend, choose your questions wisely, even if she is just your friend. 

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Top 10 weird questions to ask a girl

Take a pen and paper and choose your favorite weird questions to ask your girlfriend:

1: If you had to make a home by yourself, what design and interior would you choose first?

Everyone had drawn their dream house on paper. But if she had an image yet, what would her dream house look like. If she had some dreams, then the house would be one of the dreams she had made from childhood. And no one had asked her this question before. 

2: Whether you would have a jacuzzi or pool area on your terrace?

It looks like you just had the first weird question to ask a girl. Nobody had ever thought that a pool or jacuzzi could be fixed on a terrace. Before answering the question, you will face a question back, what about leakage and all other problems if we had a jacuzzi or pool at the terrace. 

3: Do you remember any conversations which you misheard and became weird?

Everyone had an embarrassing moment when they overheard. Or maybe while sleeping, someone in their room is talking on the phone. Our mind uses these chats without any context. This has happened to us many times. If you also had faced this issue, then she must have faced this situation. And when you narrate the things, it becomes funny for others. So, make sure this question is on your list of weird questions to ask a girl. 

4: What if you could change one of the seven wonders of the world?

We all have seen these in cartoons, and movies like someone broke a wonder or magically gone invisible. If this could happen in the real world, then what she could change. Like if she could make her famous palace in seven wonders. This is weird, and you should answer this question.

5: When was the last time you saw a cockroach?

Here is a tip for you: Put a dummy cockroach in your pocket; before asking such questions. It’s too weird when you put an insect on someone, especially cockroaches. The cherry on the top, almost 80% of the girls are afraid of cockroaches. So, she could scream out of fear. Or try to kill that cockroach. But, in the end, it would be a weird experience for her when she gets the prank. 

6: If you had a gun in your bag; whom would you kill first?

It’s weird when you ask someone to commit a crime. On the other hand, if your girl is jealous of anyone in the room, you will get a hint out of it. If she had a funny and criminal mind, the answer could be your name. Make this question in your list if you are asking these weird questions to ask a girl.

7: If you had to change a dish’s name, which dish would you select and what would it be?

Everyone had a dish which was disgusting for us. Suppose you hate the dish much. Then, you don’t have to think twice about this question. Similarly, if you ask this question to a girl, this question would be helpful for you to know her better. 

8: Open a secret that you haven’t told anyone?

It’s weird when you ask this question. Not because you are asking her a secret. But for a reason, if she had yet not told anyone, then why would she disclose that to you. But you would see the answer in her eyes this time. If she is your true friend, then she can confess the problem.

9: How would you react if you saw your friend with your enemy?

Sometimes, we are in a situation where we can’t just control our friends. Whom they talk to could be the one whom we dislike the most. But if you are asking them not to speak with that person, they don’t have a strong reason for this. So, this all becomes a weird situation at last. And this could happen with you also if you are talking with another girl. So, knowing her answer could be a surprise for you also. 

10: What is a thing which you haven’t purchased yet enjoy using?

Sometimes we go to a restaurant and pay the bill you got souf. You enjoy having these saches of souf but have you ever tried to purchase it. Not actually, sometimes free services are more enjoyable than the overall package. 

Weird question to ask a girl in a funny manner

In a world where crime shows are way funnier than comedy shows, try these weird questions to ask a girl. This would be helping make you both laugh:

1: Who is your favorite anime protagonist?

These days Disney is quite famous, and nobody is here who hasn’t seen an animated movie. My Personal favorite is minions, and I hope you also had your answer in mind. But girls are not expecting these questions from a boy whom they love. But secretly, everyone sees and enjoys watching these movies. So, maybe this could be a laughing moment when you both have the same favorite protagonist. 

2: What’s the worst social media mistake you’ve ever seen?

We have some friends who do some “naughty stuff” on social media. And this is weird for everyone. Who does this? But girls have seen this stuff on a very regular basis. So, asking your girl a question about the past worst thing could be fun for you all. 

3: What was the most recent thing that made you cringe?

Suppose you are the one who needs complete details of her without scrolling through her social media. Try asking this question to ask your crush. This would be helpful for you in how to tell a girl that you like her. Sharing her oops moment is the way better approach for everyone who wants to propose to a girl.

4: If you had never met a person from the past, who would it be?

The answer to this weird question to ask a girl could be surprising for you whether she had a past friend whom she hates now or maybe her ex-boyfriend or even a friend who is dating her ex. This list could be long from person to person. And this helps to understand how a person is in real life in long-term relationships. 

5: If your ex-boyfriend is dying on the road, would you call an ambulance or give CPR to save hi

If you remember the last question, replace the previous question with an ex-boyfriend in this question. Make the hate for the person come out. Check how much she hates them. If she hates them from the heart, try to get the reason. And if you could act as a mediator to solve the problem, then initiate this soon. 

6: What kind of view do you want to wake up to every morning?

This is another question that is a little out of the ordinary, but it has the potential to elicit some fantastic responses. If you ask her what sort of landscape she likes, maybe she’ll go on a different route with it. Regardless of how you answer it, it’s an excellent question.

7: Have you ever felt stressed up; that you went out and took a deep breath to smell the flower?

So, everyone has heard of taking a break and smelling the roses from time to time. However, when was the last time either of you did anything like that in real life? This is the question you ask to find out. In addition, if you and your partner haven’t recently smelt flowers, go out and find some!

8: Which language would you prefer to learn if you could learn how to speak it instantly?

We’d all want to learn a new language, whether for vacation, work, or curiosity. However, it is a lot of effort. So to find out what she would pick if she had no choice.

9: What was the most unusual present you’ve ever received?

Yes, this will provide fodder for an excellent tale. Strange presents have been given to all of us. Likewise, she’s done so. Here are some of the bizarre items she’s received since then.

Final Wording from Author

Well, this was the end of weird questions to ask a girl. We hope you have got the hint of how to use these weird questions to ask a girl. If you still have any queries regarding this, you can comment below the post. We will be answering your questions soon. We hope you loved this article. If you liked any of the above questions, then don’t forget to share this with your friends. 

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